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It will become a symbol of the city. Spacious, bright, and with a clear view of the mountain landscape of the Engadine, the Ovaverva Indoor Swimming Pool, Spa, and Sports Center in St. Moritz, Switzerland offers relaxation, fun, and fitness all having to do with the element of water.

Inside and outside of the pool, products from ewo help to shape the space in a lighting concept by the Zurich lighting design company, Reflexion AG. Using a variety of pole heights and configurations, the FA series illuminates the entryways, the parking lot, and the road. Its minimal, characteristic form harmonizes with the temple-like style of the building. Seventy-two of our P80 spotlights have been mounted on the projecting roof, and with pairs of them arranged on one point on the floor, very precise emphasis is placed between the columns.

A great deal of natural light comes through the glass façades into the building itself. In contrast, the spaces located further inside are more significantly staged with artificial light. The goal of the lighting design was to create a flowing transition between these two poles. Over the pool, this was implemented by means of indirect illumination: a special solution from ewo brightens up the large volume of space above the surface of the water. Thirty-five luminaires accommodate LED lighting units in two rows of four each. They generate the desired diffused distribution of the light which emphasizes the expanse of the space. The housing harmonizes with its subdued, clear form within the architecture – and it is resistant to the humidity and the chlorine gas. Finally, we have included the possibility of providing that ten of the luminaires can be directed downwards by means of an extension and rotation mechanism for competitions, in order to further increase the brightness for the demands of swimming races.

With our technical know-how, we can adapt the ewo LED technology to the many different challenges of such an interior space. In that way, an energy-efficient solution is created, one which also corresponds to the ecological orientation of the construction project.

Project partner: ELEKTRON AG
Lighting design: REFLEXION AG, ZÜRICH
Project Year: 2014
Photography: RALPH FEINER