Thursday, 05.12.2019
Museion, Bolzano
in cooperation with Architekturstiftung Südtirol (Architecture Foundation South Tyrol)


Our understanding of light is interdisciplinary. Our use of light as an aesthetic element is a progressive concept drawn from a multitude of resources, for the present and for the many years that follow. That’s why we are interested in all light-related themes and topics.

Mastering Light
ewo’s maxim is to master light in every sense: the form of light, its body and its intelligence. We master light to improve wellbeing in urban spaces - for everyone.

Topic and theme:

Public space as an extension of the living room.

The era of increased individualism created a longing for an increased sense of "community". As a valuable part of our heritage, public spaces can forge new relationships, creating meeting places that are an essential part of our social construct. They have the potential to enliven and unite fragmented communities.

At night, light dictates atmosphere and influences the quality of outdoor living. Light offers reason to go outside at night, to get together, to feel safe and comfortable.

Light fulfils a social need, improving the ambience and quality of public places at night; a modern campfire of infrastructure and technology. Light is there for everyone – not just a single individual – enhancing collective potential.

In Italy in particular, the importance of common outdoor space endures to this day and we look forward to discussing all of this with architects, urban planners and sociologists, at this year’s ewoTALK.

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