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The modular construction R-System floodlight family consists of individual panels that are grouped in a corresponding arrangement (R1-R6) depending upon the output that is required. Every panel can be tilted and consists of 128 high-performance LEDs. The glass cover of the panels offers additional protection for the lens optics and makes simplified cleaning possible.

The panels are manufactured in a die-cast aluminum process and are available in polyester powder-coated. The powder-coated variant offers additional protection for use with applications with increased corrosion demands, such as when close to the sea.

In order to be able to react to different applications in a flexible manner, the equipment is provided with different lens optics. Thus, in addition to area lighting and special distribution of the light for airport apron and production hall areas, spot optics are now also available for targeted illumination and spot lighting. Within that context, our tried and true multilayer concept is used: every optical surface illuminates the entire assessment field, and the lighting intensity on a given surface is achieved by means of a layering of the light distributions of the individual LEDs on top of each other. If one of them fails, the evenness is maintained.

The R-System provides a significantly higher package of lumens with substantially increased efficiency. On top of that, the product offers improved heat management: the heat dissipation takes place by means of cooling fins which, as a result of their special arrangement, avoid deposits of dirt, thus also guaranteeing the heat dissipation over the long term. The compact construction form, which in its dimensions corresponds to the size of conventional floodlights, makes a one-to-one retrofitting of existing systems possible.

Two mounting variants are available: with a mounting bracket or else with an adapter for cable hanging.

The R-System can be controlled by means of DALI, but it also makes wire-free control possible via radio. Furthermore, the high-performance lamp control gear that was especially developed for this product allows for the partial switching and dimming of individual panels.

Areas of application: large surfaces, airports, locations where increased output and increased luminous flux are required.

Product overview