ewoLAB – Artist Residency with Brecht Heytens

Creativity and innovation live off of different perspectives. With ewoLAB, the company has developed a format in which artists, designers, and architects can grapple with the subject of light from their own individual perspectives.

In partnership with the Museion, Museum of Contemporary Art in Bolzano, ewo has invited the young Belgian artist Brecht Heytens to the ewoLAB this year. In his works, Heytens explores formal and dimensional levels as well as the boundaries and functions of materials. He experiments with the possibilities of a material by removing it from its necessity, in that way getting closer to it in an objective way and, in the end, placing it in a new context. The artist creates his large format installations above all else from rough, stark materials such as metal, wood, and plaster.

Within the framework of ewoLAB, two works by Heytens will be made accessible to the public within the exhibition “Functions” from February 9 to March 9, 2017 in the studio building and in the second floor of the Museion Bolzano, with another work in the foyer of ewo in Kurtatsch. Within that context, through the processing of light tubes, the works “Function 1.1” and “Plastered Neon” as well as “Function 1.3” make a direct reference to the subject of light and reveal the formal language of the artist, which for the most part is unadorned and blunt, and is reduced in a minimalist and rudimentary manner to the material and the construction.

At the same time, in a one month artist residency in the former ewo metalworks in the Sarntal, Heytens is working on another installation that will be presented in the form of a closing event on March 9, 2017 at the ewo company headquarters in Kurtatsch.

Find out more about the Artist Residency with Brecht Heytens HERE

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