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SOLANDER OVAL - Sutherland Shire County Council

This project is one of a growing number in Australia, as ewo’s R–System increases its presence in well-used sports venues. Featuring lighting design from Rubidium Light, 36 floodlights are now used to illuminate Solander Oval’s multipurpose sports field, utilising full horizontal cut off luminaires installed at 0° uplift so reducing spill light and glare.

The directionality of the illumination was achieved using ewo’s A–Series Asymmetric High Forward throw lenses, utilising both left and right-shining directional lens varieties, to make best use of the positioning of each pole on the field.

Full control over the illumination was given to the client with DALI drivers. This is one of a number of sites delivered for Sutherland Shire Council in NSW, including a total of four separate locations, each involving a separate test for the versatility of the ewo R–System, as it continues to excel in the field of sports.

The following is the comment of Rubidium Light lighting designers: “As specialist lighting designers, lighting outcomes and the quality of the products we use are of upmost importance. Too often LED sources have traded efficiency for lesser quality lighting outcomes. Finally we have a sports lighting product that can deliver glare and obtrusive light control while still providing the benefits of an LED source.”

Client: Sutherland Shire Council
Lighting Designer: Rubidium Light
Floodlights and consultancy: ewo
Images: © Adrian Harrison

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