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ewo presented itself at Light + Building 2016 in Frankfurt with a new, expanded product portfolio. It ranges from architectural lighting to the illumination of large spaces, and it distinguishes itself through increased efficiency and the extremely varied possibilities for configuration.

With its unique array of products, ewo creates top-quality, technologically advanced solutions for the most varied of contexts. Since every single project poses specific demands, we have developed a product system which we can adapt down to the last detail. We are thus the forerunner in the realization of the potential of the LED. The modular, highly-variable LED lighting unit is the fundamental building block for systems of any dimension.

Within the framework of the tradeshow appearance, we presented:
– R-System: newly developed for large-area illumination
– F-System: the tried and true F-System L for large areas has been supplemented by two sizes, S + M, for roads, junction areas, traffic circles/roundabouts, and parking lots
–GO system luminaire: newly developed for residential streets and parks
– if bollard light: a new addition for situations close to buildings and green areas