1.1 Color temperature: cool white (5,700 K) / neutral white (4,000 K) /
warm white (3,000 K)
1.2 Housing accommodates 1 LED lighting unit (3 or 4 LED PCB)
1.3 Current feed: 200 mA–600 mA, depending on ambient temperature
1.4 Electronic operating device with DALI interface or 1–10 V or stand-alone programming

2.1 Different pattern characteristics for street, walkway, and large area lighting
2.2 LS33 Q, LS33 Q satiné, LP33 Q, LP33 Q satiné, LS43 Q, LS43 Q satiné, LP43 Q,
LP43 Q satiné
2.3 Lens made from PMMA

3.1 Cover in single-pane safety glass (ESG)
3.2 Housing made from die-cast aluminum
3.3 Suitable for pole top diameter ø 60mm, optional adapter for ø 76mm
3.4 Finish: Aluminum vibratory finishing, or polyester powder coating, anthracite (DB 703), other colors upon request

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