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Urban Lounge — your music room

Feeling as comfortable outdoors as you do in your own home? Our creative light objects transform any location, no matter how dreary, into an oasis for well-being.

The car park is a rehearsal space where the music has stopped or has not yet found its way to the musicians. The absence of the band becomes palpable as the absence of sound. The ewo light objects set the stage, within an area lacking life, lacking the vitality of a pulse. Here, big city concerts have not yet found their rhythm.

With the light, waves of sound become apparent. The sparse practice room becomes a big urban stage, where the perfect beat is bathed in the warmth of a spotlight. As "silent" listeners and/or band members, bollard lights ensure that the "Little Drummer Girl" is staged as a fixed focal point. Where light becomes music and where music becomes light, is no longer important as synergy becomes harmony. The Sound of music at the speed of light...

Photography: beierle.goerlich

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