ewo creates high-quality lighting systems for public spaces. At the main facility of this family-run business, headquartered in South Tyrol, products are developed which bring light to a variety of different settings: streets, squares and buildings; walking trails, urban gathering points and airports. A modular LED unit forms the basis for our sustainable and energy-saving lighting scenarios, irrespective of scale. The company’s progressive technology, differentiated know-how and creative openness has made it a trendsetter for the sector. Even in the most challenging of settings, ewo provides custom-tailored solutions for distributing, limiting and controlling light – solutions that have become a quality feature in the design of public spaces.

ewo Facts

Flora Kröss and Ernst Wohlgemuth founded ewo in 1996, developing it out of a metal factory in Sarnthein/Sarentino.

Hannes Wohlgemuth took over the role of company Chief Executive January 2019 (see press release here).

Products and solutions from the South Tyrol company are used in the following areas:

• Airports and Logistics
High-performance high pole systems for large areas

• Public Space
Customized light in urban areas

• Architecture and the Arts
Configurable systems within the constructed context

• Roads and Transit
Precise, need-oriented solutions for safe mobility

ewoLAB initiates projects with artists, designers and architects and, in so doing, addresses the resource of light on a variety of different levels.

Headquarters: Kurtatsch/Cortaccia in the Bolzano area, South Tyrol (Italy); offices in Austria and Germany; other European and international partners.

Number of Employees: > 80

ewo srl - via dell'Adige 15 - IT-39040 Cortaccia (BZ) - T +39 0471 623087 - mail@ewo.com - P.IVA IT 01603000215

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