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No progress without light. No future without progress. As one of the most innovative companies in the lighting industry, ewo has had this future in mind for over 25 years: maximum functionality and modularity, outstanding quality and design, but, above all, one mission to accomplish: to make people’s stay in public space as pleasant as possible.

Flora Emma Kröss and Ernst Wohlgemuth recognized and captured the transformative power of light as early as 1996: The lighting manufacturer ewo was born from a metal factory rooted in precision craftsmanship.

When Hannes Wohlgemuth took over its management in 2019, ewo’s philosophy became even more focused on people and the quality offered during their stay in public places. “empowering wellbeing outdoors” means focusing on the community-forming and evocative aspects of light, on its feel-good aspects. Based on this basic concept, ewo has become one of the leading innovators in the industry with cutting-edge and customized solutions that superbly combine three principles:

MASTERING THE SHAPE OF LIGHT: The shape of light and its atmospheric effect in public spaces is individually designed through the modular use of optics developed in-house. Light is used exactly where it is needed.
MASTERING THE BODY OF LIGHT: High-precision craftsmanship, durability, and efficiency characterize ewo luminaires. ewoIndividual allows for the creation of systems beyond the standard portfolio to fulfill individual requirements in terms of shape, color, and surface.
MASTERING THE INTELLIGENCE OF LIGHT: The ewo-owned brand connexx enables intelligent lighting control. By developing hardware and software for luminaire control, connexx offers a wealth of holistic, sustainable solutions.

The following industries and areas benefit from using ewo products and solutions:

ARCHITECTURE AND THE ARTS: configurable systems within the constructed context
PUBLIC SPACE: customized light in urban areas
ROADS AND TRAFFIC: precise, need-oriented solutions for safe mobility
AIRPORTS AND LOGISTICS: high-performance high pole systems for large areas
SPORTS: high-power floodlights for sports fields, sports halls and stadiums

From the company headquarters in Cortaccia in South Tyrol, Italy, and its branches in Germany, Austria, France, and the USA, ewo carries this lighting philosophy into the world with over 100 employees. Think about its sensational projects at Dubai and Munich airports or in the streets of cultural metropolises such as Vienna, Venice, Lyon, or Kassel.

Innovative events such as the discussion and research formats ewoTALKS and ewoLAB ensure that the interaction of light, space and people and lighting design’s social and cultural functions also includes a bright future.

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