ewo brings a new glow to the metropolis of Vienna 1
ewo brings a new glow to the metropolis of Vienna 2
ewo brings a new glow to the metropolis of Vienna 3
ewo brings a new glow to the metropolis of Vienna 4
ewo brings a new glow to the metropolis of Vienna 5
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ewo brings a new glow to the metropolis of Vienna

Vienna’s public lighting department, MA33, operates approximately 158,000 luminaires along 2,800 kilometres of roads and paths throughout the city. In 2016, the department issued its new lighting master plan for a large-scale LED refitting. The goal is to switch out all conventional fixtures for LED luminaires by the end of 2026.

With the latest lighting technology, this conversion achieves energy savings of more than half of what was previously required, whilst delivering a precise illumination.

Standard and vintage: the full range of lighting

ewo has emerged as the top bidder in two of Vienna’s EU-wide tenders. The company now supplies the new luminaires for the Vienna Reichsbrücke together with a set of vintage luminaires (Viennese city light small and large and subway light small and large) as well as the standard luminaire model K0. MA33 has optimised the housing for these luminaires so that the lamps can be changed quickly and easily. Five different LED inserts for the K0 luminaire ensure that all of the city’s different requirements can be met.

At the city’s request, ewo also replicated the exact shape of the original lily of the valley lamp body. These vintage luminaires are designed to illuminate the historic city centre, for example, in Rotenturmstraße and Schillerpark. The inner-city luminaires are made of aluminium, and their characteristic bell shape is achieved through an innovative thermo-forming process.

Kaiserbadschleuse: public space as a living room

The Kaiserbadschleuse and the promenade along the Danube Canal were equipped with 23 K0 luminaires. “Lighting fulfils a social mission and strengthens the feel-good character of public places at night. Lighting represents a technological beacon. It’s for everyone, not just individuals. It democratises shared potential,” explains ewo CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth.

Vienna-Kurtatsch: cooperation at eye level

“The cooperation with ewo and especially with its founder and technical director Ernst Wohlgemuth has been cooperation at eye level,” says Gerald Wötzl, head of the MA33 technical competence centre. “.

“Having been able to assert ourselves in Vienna’s highly competitive tendering and enhance public wellbeing in this culturally rich metropolis with our lighting systems is a milestone for our company – and one of which we are very proud,” says ewo CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth.

Products: ewoIndividual — K0, Wiener Innenstadtleuchten
Client: City of Vienna, MA33
Photos: Oskar Da Riz
Project start: 2018

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