ewoTALKS is a discussion series from ewo dealing with the wide-ranging interrelations between art, design, business and technology. Guests from home and abroad will discuss different aspects of this multifaceted and intriguing subject area.

During the International Year of Light in 2015, ewo collaborated with Museion – Museum of modern and contemporary art – and started a series of conversations which are considered to be an important element for interdisciplinary collaboration between a cultural institution and a technology company which also debates cultural and artistic issues. For ewo, this also means seeing light in a wider context, being open and creative, and continually changing perspective. Flora Kröss, ewo’s managing director, says: “Just like Museion, we are looking for an interdisciplinary approach and for ongoing reflection. This partnership can thus provide important impetus for both parties.” The director of Museion, Letizia Ragaglia, also speaks of a stimulating working relationship: “For an institution like Museion, which focuses on innovation, that is an important signal. We show that the cooperation between two important representatives of the regional economic and cultural landscape is not only possible, but also can bear fruit.“

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