ewo – Successful Throughout the World with Highly-Efficient LED Technology

ewo is presenting itself at Light + Building 2016 in Frankfurt with a new, expanded product portfolio. It ranges from architectural lighting to the illumination of large spaces, and it distinguishes itself through increased efficiency and the extremely varied possibilities for configuration.

With its unique array of products, ewo creates top-quality, technologically advanced solutions for the most varied of contexts. Since every single project poses specific demands, we have developed a product system which we can adapt down to the last detail. We are thus the forerunner in the realization of the potential of the LED. The modular, highly-variable LED lighting unit is the fundamental building block for systems of any dimension.

Within the framework of the tradeshow appearance, we would like to present:
– R-System: newly developed for large-area illumination
– F-System: the tried and true F-System L for large areas has been supplemented by
   two sizes, S + M, for roads, junction areas, traffic circles/roundabouts, and parking lots
– GO system luminaire: newly developed for residential streets and parks
– if bollard light: a new addition for situations close to buildings and green areas

ewo at Light + Building 2016, 13.–18.03.2016 Frankfurt am Main; Hall 5.0, Stand B30

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A new date with the ewoTALKS

Art and business: challenges and opportunities for collaboration.

This is the last in this year’s series of ewoTALKs, the events devoted to the relationship between art, design, business and technology conceived by Museion in collaboration with ewo. The ewoTALKS are an important element of an interdisciplinary collaboration between two key players in the local area - the cultural institution Museion and the technology company ewo, which has decided to reach out to the world of art and culture. The events were launched in 2015, International Year of Light, and are scheduled to continue into 2016. The next talk, on Thursday 19th November(8 p.m.) explores the opportunities for collaboration between the worlds of art and business. This is the subject up for discussion between Matthias Mühling, Director of the Lenbachhaus in Munich, Hannes Wohlgemuth (Marketing and Sales, ewo) and Mark Möllenbruck of the internationally renowned design studio Meiré und Meiré, Cologne. The discussion will be moderated by Susanne Barta (ewo) and recorded by RAI Südtirol.

According to the experts the future is all about open systems. Living and working in open systems calls for special skills: autonomy, profile, positioning, and the ability to act with flexibility and creativity, attentive to a constantly changing scenario. Thinking and acting innovatively are typical characteristics of the world of art. But how much does the business world need art, and, conversely, how much does the art world need business? How can artists interface with the world of business, and how can business people make a commitment to culture? How to implement fruitful processes of collaboration between all parties? These are the key issues that will be tackled in the debate.

19/11/15 8 p.m.
Museion Passage, Piazza Piero Siena 1, Bolzano

In German
Admission free

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Linda Jasmin Mayer for ewoLAB

ewo presents in Copenhagen the new ewoLAB project „Lightways“. ewoLAB initiates projects with artists, designers and architects and in doing so deals with the subject of light on various levels. Young South Tyrolean artist Linda Jasmin Mayer, who currently lives in Copenhagen, is addressing the topic of light control for ewoLAB.

A lightbeam installation for Refshaleøen
Refshaleøen, Copenhagen

Light attracts, deflects and guides the perception. Our gaze and our footsteps are led by light. In the installation at Refshaleøen, in an alternative path of light, the unexpected is lit up. The light path is meant to call into question the usual way in which light acts as an automatic “guide” for us through the city.

Some elements of the former shipyard of Refshaleøen will be illuminated, and thus lifted out of darkness by the light for a few moments. The installation’s various points of light illuminate objects from the past that still exist on the island, yet in some cases no longer have a function.

Opening 13.11.2015 5-8 p.m., Aperitif 6.30 p.m.
The Aperitif will be served in the Transformator Station of the former shipyard of Refshaleøen, Refshalevej 167, 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark.

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ewo – Success throughout the World with its LED High-Mast Systems

At inter airport Europe 2015 in Munich, ewo will proudly present a brand new product line for illuminating large areas, as well as its expanded, tried and true F-System.

Press Conference and Aperitif: October 7, 2015, 3:00 P.M., Stand 1430, Hall B5.

For more than 15 years now, ewo has been involved with high-mast lighting systems for illuminating large areas. Our all-LED lighting solution for the apron areas at Innsbruck Airport in Austria in 2011 marked the starting point for our commitment to LED technology for these high-power applications. Since that time, ewo has become an industry pioneer with reference projects worldwide, and it is especially renowned for security-sensitive airport applications.

ewo´s LED F-System series of floodlights has been specially developed for large area lighting, using up to 70% less energy and requiring far less maintenance. The modular character of the technology and its diverse configuration options make it possible to fine-tune the production technique precisely to the task at hand.

ewo at inter airport Europe, Munich, October 6-9, 2015, Stand 1430, Hall B5.

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ewo expands

ewo is pleased to announce the establishment of ewo Austria GmbH in January 2015 and ewo Deutschland in June 2015. The lighting company, based in Kurtatsch, continues on its path of growth. After creating a number of international agencies ewo has now decided to establish its own subsidiary companies. Flora Kröss: “Opening up new markets and serving them well is crucial for the development of our company. At the same time it’s also important to us to exercise good judgment as we move forward − always walking on solid ground from a financial perspective. We look forward to taking on new challenges!”

ewo creates high-quality lighting systems for public spaces. At the main facility of this family-run business, headquartered in South Tyrol, products are developed which bring light to a variety of different settings: streets, squares and buildings; walking trails, urban gathering points and airports. A modular LED unit forms the basis for our sustainable and energy-saving lighting scenarios, irrespective of scale. The company’s progressive technology, differentiated know-how and creative openness has made it a trendsetter for the sector. Even in the most challenging of settings, ewo provides custom-tailored solutions for distributing, limiting and controlling light – solutions that have become a quality feature in the design of public spaces.

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ewo and Museion present ewoTALKS

During the International Year of Light, the company ewo and Museion – Museum of modern and contemporary art – will begin the ewoTALKS series. At its headquarters in Kurtatsch, ewo develops quality lighting systems for public areas and has achieved worldwide success. The focus of the discussion series will be the wide-ranging interrelations between art, design, business and technology. On three evenings, guests from home and abroad will discuss different aspects of this multifaceted and intriguing subject area. In addition, the individual events are closely related to the current exhibitions at Museion. The ewoTALKS events will take place on 16 April, 18 June and 19 November in the Museion Passage, at 8:00 p.m. The conversations are recorded by RAI Südtirol.

The event series will open on 16 April with VALIE EXPORT. The Austrian artist will speak at Museion about her artistic endeavors with light, diverse body of work and unbroken artistic power. Valie Export, to whom Museion dedicated a major solo exhibition in 2011, is represented in the current collection exhibition with the trilingual laser work Gibt es etwas, das nicht durch ein Bild/Zeichen ausgedrückt werden kann?

The themed exhibition Design is a state of mind by designer Martino Gamper, which opens at Museion on 5 June, meanwhile, addresses the influence design objects exert on our lives. This topic is also in the focus of the second ewoTALK on 18 June. Designer Jörg Boner, Nitzan Cohen, who is a professor at the Faculty of Design and Art at the Free University of Bozen and Stephan Ott, the chief editor of the design magazine form, from Frankfurt, will take part in this round-table discussion.
The third ewoTALK on November 19 focuses on the possibilities for artistic/entrepreneurial collaboration. Participants include the director of Munich’s Städtischen Galerien im Lenbachhaus, Matthias Mühling, and Hannes Wohlgemuth (ewo).

The ewoTALKS series is considered to be an important element for interdisciplinary collaboration between a cultural institution and a technology company which also debates cultural and artistic issues. For ewo, this also means seeing light in a wider context, being open and creative, and continually changing perspective. Flora Kröss, ewo’s managing director, says: “Just like Museion, we are looking for an interdisciplinary approach and for ongoing reflection. This partnership can thus provide important impetus for both parties.”

The director of Museion, Letizia Ragaglia, also speaks of a stimulating working relationship: “The partnership between ewo and Museion in the International Year of Light represents perfect synergy. For an institution like Museion, which focuses on innovation, that is an important signal. We show that the cooperation between two important representatives of the regional economic and cultural landscape is not only possible, but also can bear fruit. The cooperation between ewo and Museion began last January, when the Museion opened the exhibition series Lichtwerke aus Südtiroler Sammlungen zu Gast bei ewo (ewo exhibits lighting works from South Tyrolean collections) in the office of the company in Kurtatsch, with works by Maurizio Nannucci, Claudio Olivotto and Stephen Antonakos from their own collections. Heartfelt thanks to RAI Südtirol

Museion Passage Piero Siena Place 1, Bolzano
04/16/2015 – ewoTALK with Valie Export
06/18/2015 – ewoTALK with Jörg Boner, Zurich; Nitzan Cohen, professor at the Faculty of Design and Art the Free University of Bozen and Stephan Ott, editor of the design magazine form, from Frankfurt
19/11/2015 – ewoTALK with Matthias Mühling, Director of the Städtischen Galerien im Lenbachhausin Munich and Hannes Wohlgemuth (ewo).
All discussions are in German. Admission is free.

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ewo presents the new GO luminaire

ewo works tenaciously on connecting first-class lighting technology with high quality creations; this is our second collaboration with the Swiss designer Jörg Boner. After UN, ewo is now introducing the GO luminaire. „We are broadening our portfolio with GO to include another interesting product with a diverse range of uses, which is state of the art and able to meet formal requirements”, emphasizes ewo’s head of marketing, Hannes Wohlgemuth.
GO is conceptualized as a family of products. Available as standing and wall luminaires, they are suitable for residential streets, parks and buildings built close to one another. Jörg Boner: „We translated as many contexts and usage requirements into one simple and clear language. The language of the design of GO is restrained, yet simultaneously strong enough that it marks the luminaires with a recognizable personality.”
The South Tyrolean company ewo develops high quality luminaires for public places with the objective of being a leader in technology, functionality and sustainability. That has meant the ability to see light in a holistic way for more than 20 years now. ewo is active on an international scale and offers its customers modular, flexible and individual solutions tothe directing, distribution and restriction of light. ewo approaches all of its technological and formal challenges in an open and creative way, setting the bar extremely high for itself every single day.

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