empowering wellbeing in active spaces with the launch of ewo's RIVAL high-power floodlight for sports applications

ewo, a leading provider of large area lighting solutions, is revolutionizing sports lighting with its new floodlight RIVAL. Designed specifically for recreational sports, RIVAL is a lightweight and efficient lighting solution that enhances wellbeing both on and off the pitch.

Municipalities now have the opportunity to enhance their recreational areas with the state-of-the-art RIVAL sports floodlight from ewo. This cutting-edge luminaire has been meticulously engineered to meet the lighting needs of tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields, and swimming pools. Its optimized optics ensure the delivery of highly efficient light, providing an unparalleled lighting experience.

According to Hannes Wohlgemuth, CEO of ewo, "RIVAL lives up to its name by setting new standards in sports lighting. With its specially developed lighting technology, RIVAL prevents light spillage into the sky and surrounding areas, while delivering exceptionally uniform and efficient illumination of the pitch. As a result, it allows for up to 20% reduction in the number of fixtures required – an approach that makes RIVAL a particularly interesting economic solution in terms of acquisition and maintenance.

"Recognizing the need for increasingly lightweight LED floodlights, enhanced light control, and improved safety on sports pitches, ewo introduces RIVAL. Traditionally, the weight of floodlights has posed challenges during installation and maintenance, as they are significantly heavier compared to HID luminaires. RIVAL addresses this concern through its ultra-light construction and innovative design, which guarantees efficient thermal management thanks to ribs.

At the core of ewo's product DNA is the concept of "shape of light," which refers to a luminaire's ability to precisely illuminate its intended target area through several different lenses. With the launch of RIVAL, ewo additionally introduces two new lens optics, AFC01 and AF02, which are specifically crafted for sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, and swimming pool applications. By combining and optimizing the variety of available lenses (Asymmetric Forward 44°, Asymmetric Extra Forward 55°, Asymmetric Extra Forward Left and/or Right 65°), the desired lighting distribution for each application is achieved. Moreover, the horizontal floodlight design of RIVAL, coupled with its standard shield, eliminates spill light into the sky and surrounding areas. 

Thanks to its high-output LEDs and dedicated lens optics, RIVAL fulfills the requirements for recreational sports, ensuring a safe playing environment for team sports and exercise. In fact, RIVAL's efficient and optimized optics enable lighting designers to achieve the same lux levels with up to 20% fewer light points, resulting in cost savings and reduced material requirements for each installation. 

RIVAL will be available for order starting June 2023, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of sports lighting technology.


ewo wins renowned Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Awards 2023 were presented at a festive gala on June 19, at the Teatro Aalto in Essen, Germany. Italian luminaire manufacturer ewo, based in Cortaccia, South Tyrol, impressed the judges at this year's competition with its exceptionally versatile "Chameleon" luminaire, winning the Red Dot Award for Product Design, in the category of Lighting Design.

The 43 judges evaluated on the basis of the four principles of good design and by taking into account their socio-cultural character, specific technical focus area and design expertise. In doing so, they recognized the potential of ewo's adaptable luminaire and justified their decision as follows: “The Chameleon is surprisingly versatile and meets the very highest standards in architectural lighting.”

Chameleon is a master of transformation, successfully launched last year, which has already been used in a number of projects worldwide, from Germany to the Netherlands, Austria and Croatia. Based on the eponymous reptile, this projector can take on any design, adapting to its surroundings and environment. The design concept from Berlin studio GECKELER MICHELS combines versatility with simplicity. The design language is characterized by clean lines and balanced proportions, with its widely extending ribs of thermally optimized heatsink being a striking feature. The coherent design language and high level of modularity make Chameleon ideal for public space, architectural and street lighting applications.

„To us, this award means a lot, because it confirms to all the people involved in this product development that the effort to develop something extraordinary pays off," says a delighted ewo CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth.

With around 20,000 entries each year, the Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions in the world and is an internationally respected seal of design excellence. In the past, Red Dot winners in the Best Product Design category have included brand giants such as Apple, Ferrari and Sony. In 2023, the submitted products were evaluated in 51 competition categories. The submissions came from 60 countries.

Empowering wellbeing in active spaces with the launch of ewo’s RIVAL high-power floodlight for sports applications 1
Empowering wellbeing in active spaces with the launch of ewo’s RIVAL high-power floodlight for sports applications 2
Empowering wellbeing in active spaces with the launch of ewo’s RIVAL high-power floodlight for sports applications 3
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Empowering wellbeing in active spaces with the launch of ewo’s RIVAL high-power floodlight for sports applications

ewo, a leading provider of large area lighting solutions, is revolutionizing sports lighting with its new floodlight, RIVAL. designed specifically for recreational sports, rival is a lightweight and efficient lighting solution that enhances wellbeing both on and off the pitch.  

Municipalities now have the opportunity to enhance their recreational areas with the state-of-the-art RIVAL sports floodlight from ewo. This cutting-edge luminaire has been meticulously engineered to meet the lighting needs of tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields, and swimming pools. Its optimized optics ensure the delivery of highly efficient light, providing an unparalleled lighting experience. 

According to Hannes Wohlgemuth, CEO of ewo, "RIVAL lives up to its name by setting new standards in sports lighting. With its specially developed lighting technology, RIVAL prevents light spillage into the sky and surrounding areas, while delivering exceptionally uniform and efficient illumination of the pitch. As a result, it allows for up to 20% reduction in the number of fixtures required – an approach that makes RIVAL a particularly interesting economic solution in terms of acquisition and maintenance." Recognizing the need for increasingly lightweight LED floodlights, enhanced light control, and improved safety on sports pitches, ewo introduces RIVAL. Traditionally, the weight of floodlights has posed challenges during installation and maintenance, as they are significantly heavier compared to HID luminaires. RIVAL addresses this concern through its ultra-light construction and innovative design, which guarantees efficient thermal management thanks to ribs.

At the core of ewo's product DNA is the concept of "shape of light," which refers to a luminaire's ability to precisely illuminate its intended target area through several different lenses. With the launch of RIVAL, ewo additionally introduces two new lens optics, AFC01 and AF02, which are specifically crafted for sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, and swimming pool applications. By combining and optimizing the variety of available lenses (Asymmetric Forward 44°, Asymmetric Extra Forward 55°, Asymmetric Extra Forward Left and/or Right 65°), the desired lighting distribution for each application is achieved. Moreover, the horizontal floodlight design of RIVAL, coupled with its standard shield, eliminates spill light into the sky and surrounding areas. 

Thanks to its high-output LEDs and dedicated lens optics, RIVAL fulfills the requirements for recreational sports, ensuring a safe playing environment for team sports and exercise. In fact, RIVAL's efficient and optimized optics enable lighting designers to achieve the same lux levels with up to 20% fewer light points, resulting in cost savings and reduced material requirements for each installation. 

RIVAL will be available for order starting June 2023, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of sports lighting technology.

ewo opens U.S. branch 1

ewo opens U.S. branch

Italian lighting manufacturer ewo establishes its market presence in North America by opening ewo USA, LLC, its first subsidiary across the Atlantic.

“The American lighting market is the biggest worldwide and offers incredible potential. At ewo we are continuing our plans for expansion, and I believe it’s now an ideal time as well as a natural next step for us to grow our network and business overseas”, says Hannes Wohlgemuth, CEO of ewo.

When renowned lighting expert Juergen Boenisch, who has worked in the North American exterior lighting industry for almost a decade, met Hannes Wohlgemuth, it became immediately clear that they share an outstanding passion for high-quality lighting, along with the common vision to provide forward-thinking excellence in every detail involving lighting.

“ewo has the instinct to quickly recognize new trends in this fast-paced market – ahead of time – and dedicates perfectionism to engineering while setting new standards. Moreover, it’s remarkable to observe their rigorous attention to the customer in creating an ideal and often very individual solution to their specific needs”, asserts Juergen Boenisch.

“ewo excels with their superior optical performance, state-of-the-art Italian design, and incredible avant-garde lighting control systems. Their innovative mindset, high skill level, and the energy and enthusiasm they pour into every project just blew me away”, exclaims Juergen Boenisch.

As president and CEO of ewo USA, LLC, Juergen Boenisch brings a deep understanding of the North American exterior lighting market and extensive experience in establishing and growing businesses. With its new location in the Boston area and a dedicated team, ewo USA is well-positioned to provide cutting-edge lighting solutions, exceptional customer service, and fast response times across the United States and Canada.

It is ewo’s mission to increase wellbeing in public spaces through an intelligent, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing use of light – and ewo is ready to inspire and collaborate with North American lighting designers and sales rep agencies to create feel-good spaces.

Villandro — smart lighting against rising energy prices and for more sustainability 1
Villandro — smart lighting against rising energy prices and for more sustainability 2
Villandro — smart lighting against rising energy prices and for more sustainability 3
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Villandro — smart lighting against rising energy prices and for more sustainability

In Villandro, the energy consumption of public lighting is reduced by 45 % thanks to ewo’s intelligent lighting management system. The municipality of Villandro recognised the potential of smart lighting early on. Already in 2019, more than 130 smart luminaires from the manufacturer ewo were installed there based on a lighting design concept by Studio Troi and Schenk.

Rising electricity prices are forcing administrations to review energy expenditure. And ewo can offer a sustainable solution with intelligent lighting systems. Almost halving Villandro’s expenditure did not require a new installation – just a single click of the mouse to dim certain groups of luminaires at set times. All standards remain fulfilled, safety guaranteed. A convincing reason to use flexible and intelligent lighting systems.

ewo CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth explains: "We found that there was further potential for savings and implemented these together with the responsible planner and the municipality: for example, we further increased the dimming in the hours after midnight and thus reduced energy consumption. By reducing the annual energy expenditure in Villandro by 45 %, the municipality hardly feels the rising energy prices for public lighting."

With ewo’s intelligent lighting system, luminaires can be controlled by software via a cloud solution. A major advantage is the possibility to group luminaires so that there are different lighting scenarios for different areas of a city – such as for residential areas, streets, or pedestrian crossings. In Villandro, for example, a reduction in kW/h consumption of up to 69 % was achieved for pedestrian zones and pavements by means of multi-level dimming. Despite strong price increases, the city will thus reduce the annual expenditure for the entire lighting system by up to 45 %, taking on a pioneering role in South Tyrol.

"In view of the high energy prices, we have already thought about cost savings several times in the municipal committee. The proposal from the company ewo contained clear scenarios with calculated light intensity and potential savings for the respective streets. After the first changeover, I received no negative feedback from the population due to the reduced light intensity at night, which is why we went through with the whole concept - from one night to the next, so to speak! I am happy to have installed a smart lighting system with a local partner a few years ago, where each light point can be controlled centrally at the touch of a button and thus dimmed gradually as desired! I am particularly pleased that this lighting system already complies with the new regulations and that we can achieve high savings only by adjusting the existing system without additional investments", says Mayor Walter Baumgartner about the project.

Due to the smart system, the plant in Villandro was also directly prepared for the new July 5th lighting law of (Provincial Decision No. 477). This law requires a 50 % reduction in night-time lighting. With a simple intervention in the software, it was also possible to react to this immediately. In this way, the municipality was one step ahead, saved on time and was able to achieve potential savings without additional costs. Villandro is thus the first municipality in South Tyrol to have already aligned its entire lighting system with the new directive. This example with the new legislation shows once again how intelligent lighting demonstrates its strength in terms of flexible reactions to rapidly changing circumstances.

Furthermore, this new law must also be understood in the context of the sustainability strategy of the province of South Tyrol, as every sector, including street lighting, must contribute to this overall vision. ewo’s systems are ready for this.

Closing words from ewo CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth: "I see the future of lighting very much in intelligent lighting management, which has decisive advantages in terms of sustainable energy use. Seen globally, this trend is already clearly emerging; "smart lighting" will replace conventional systems. We are therefore all the more pleased that regional communities, such as Villandro, have already embarked on this path. We have been investing a lot of time and resources in the development and networking of intelligent lighting systems for years, because we are convinced that these are the future of lighting. Networked systems that react within seconds can and should improve our quality of life and well-being in public spaces."

Chameleon — a master of transformation, an application agnostic luminaire 1
Chameleon — a master of transformation, an application agnostic luminaire 2
Chameleon — a master of transformation, an application agnostic luminaire 3
Chameleon — a master of transformation, an application agnostic luminaire 4
Chameleon — a master of transformation, an application agnostic luminaire 5
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Chameleon — a master of transformation, an application agnostic luminaire

Similar to the eponymous animal, the ewo Chameleon is meant to be adaptive in any way possible so it can perfectly blend in with its urban environment and fulfil the needs for the applications it is lighting, ultimately creating improved living spaces and empowering wellbeing outdoors. With the introduction of this product family, luminaire manufacturer ewo (South Tyrol, Italy) achieves a new level of modularity, thereby opening up a new product category for public space, architectural, and street lighting applications.

“Chameleon is the first product of its kind. Its new level of modularity delivers high-quality lighting solutions in a coherent design language for any architectural situation. Chameleon thus takes whatever shape lighting designers desire; a true master of transformation,” says CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth.

Chameleon is an LED projector in its basic form, available with integrated or external driver in 4 sizes (125 mm to 260 mm diameter). Chameleon's modular concept is based on a single shape that can be transformed into, for example, a wall-mounted luminaire or a pole-mounted luminaire with one or more heads, using optics, accessories, fittings, and mounting options to perfectly match the desired application. This eliminates the need for designers to browse through catalogues to find the best product for a particular application.

Conceived by Berlin based design studio GECKELER MICHELS and the team at ewo, Chameleon’s modularity results in new heights of design freedom. “Our approach was to start with a calm silhouette as a basic principle. Driven by technical parameters and performance optimisations, several iconic details underline the geometry of the projector. To formally extend the discreet, functional body, we have developed an accessory strategy that leads to a unique modular system, offering unprecedented adaptability for a wide range of applications.” – GECKELER MICHELS

For Chameleon, diverse accessories have been developed that are decisive in its transformative character: firstly, there are optical accessories, called ewoLightLayers (Snoots and Louvres), that help shape the light. Furthermore, Chameleon uses transformative accessories (Lamp Shades, Trims, Shadow Sails), that help change and modify the aesthetic and shape of the luminaire itself so it can adapt to its architectural context.

The choice of 14 optical distributions, including a novel extra narrow beam and asymmetric road lighting optics, ensures the right light for the right application. Dynamic lighting solutions are critical to ewo’s mission to empowering wellbeing outdoors. A special feature: a two-level light guiding lens achieves perfect colour mixing within the lens, so the desired light colour is produced by the luminaire.

ewo is also amongst very few manufacturers to achieve a beam as narrow as 12° in a compact luminaire with its Tunable White and RGBW, with a diameter of only 125 mm and an integral driver. This makes Chameleon one of the most compact integrated dynamic products on the market. Like all ewo luminaires, Chameleon is an intelligent, connected lighting system that can be controlled via DALI, DALI T8, DMX or smart lighting protocols by connexx, making it a versatile tool that can be operated stand-alone, in groups, or as part of a larger lighting ecosystem.

“Chameleon is a whole new design ethos that manages to marry versatility with simplicity; the creation of a single luminaire that can manifest itself in countless form factors, applications and uses. This is what we call Application Agnostic. Not only does this concept make the life of lighting designers much easier, but it is also better for the planet, and it is the first luminaire to actively play a role during daytime, too.” – Hannes Wohlgemuth, CEO of ewo.


ewo brings a new glow to the metropolis of Vienna

ewo, the lighting company from Kurtatsch, South Tyrol, is delighted to equip the city of Vienna with a new lighting concept. This project is an ideal opportunity for ewo to shine, drawing on 25 years of innovative thinking and excellent craftsmanship. ewo is eager to furnish the city with new standard luminaires and unique lighting solutions in the historically sensitive city centre and along the famous Reichsbrücke. With ewo, public space becomes a living room, and street lighting becomes a beacon. After all, this lighting brand is well-known for transforming public spaces into feel-good places consistent with its motto of empowering wellbeing outdoors.

Vienna’s public lighting department, MA33, operates approximately 158,000 luminaires along 2,800 kilometres of roads and paths throughout the city. In 2016, the department issued its new lighting master plan for a large-scale LED refitting. The city’s comprehensive modernisation project started with a kick-off event in 2017 under the name “LED it shine”. The goal is to switch out all conventional fixtures for LED luminaires by the end of 2026.

The city’s LED conversion began with replacing its catenary luminaires and will continue by switching out a total of 80,000 pole-mounted street lights for the new ewo Viennese luminaire. The ordering and delivery of the new standard Viennese luminaires are logistically optimised in close coordination with ewo. ewo ensures that only as many luminaires are delivered as can be installed. The project’s progress can be tracked via the wien.at city map. Durability and ease of maintenance are paramount due to the enormous number of luminaires required to illuminate Vienna’s urban area.

Vienna-Kurtatsch: cooperation at eye level

“The cooperation with ewo and especially with its founder and technical director Ernst Wohlgemuth has been cooperation at eye level,” says Gerald Wötzl, head of the MA33 technical competence centre. “ewo has responded quickly and at a high conceptual level to all of our requests. They’ve stood by their word at all times.” So far, ewo has met the MA33’s high demands and expectations. Wötzl emphasises: “Our goal is to make Vienna the city with the highest quality lighting.”

“Having been able to assert ourselves in Vienna’s highly competitive tendering and enhance public wellbeing in this culturally rich metropolis with our lighting systems is a milestone for our company – and one of which we are very proud,” ewo CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth raves. “One evening we asked the residents of an already converted Viennese park if they noticed a difference. The residents said their evening walk home was much more enjoyable and the paths were much better lit. When we hear statements like these, we know we can be proud of our daily work.”

Standard and vintage: the full range of lighting

ewo has emerged as the top bidder in two of Vienna’s EU-wide tenders. The company now supplies the new luminaires for the Vienna Reichsbrücke together with a set of vintage luminaires (Viennese city light small and large and subway light small and large) as well as the standard luminaire model K0. MA33 has optimised the housing for these luminaires so that the lamps can be changed quickly and easily. Five different LED inserts for the K0 luminaire ensure that all of the city’s different requirements can be met.

At the city’s request, ewo also replicated the exact shape of the original lily of the valley lamp body. These vintage luminaires are designed to illuminate the historic city centre, for example, in Rotenturmstraße and Schillerpark. The inner-city luminaires are made of aluminium, and their characteristic bell shape is achieved through an innovative thermo-forming process.

Kaiserbadschleuse: public space as a living room

The Kaiserbadschleuse and the promenade along the Danube Canal were equipped with 23 K0 luminaires. “Lighting fulfils a social mission and strengthens the feel-good character of public places at night. Lighting represents a technological beacon. It’s for everyone, not just individuals. It democratises shared potential,” explains ewo CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth.


ewo France is born

In order to improve the quality of life in public spaces around the world, ewo France, the sales subsidiary newly established in France, saw the beautiful city of Lyon as a perfect, fitting location for its headquarters. Known as the "Capital of Light", the city hosts the renowned international Festival of Lights every year and is the stage for the latest trends in lighting.

ewo France provides a direct line of support for customers and consultants. ewo France activities are managed by Florent Pigot, who has been active in the French outdoor lighting market for 27 years. Backed by a brand-new, dynamic team of experts, he is the ideal partner for ewo’s growth plans in the French market.

Philippe Paupart, who previously represented ewo at Resolum and has been familiar with ewo products for over seven years, provides valuable support to the group. Since 2015, ewo has completed thousands of lighting projects in France. Many of these have involved the introduction of tailor-made custom products, created specifically to meet customer requirements – a service known as "ewoIndividual" – including the "Fil d’Ariane" project in the historic centre of Le Mans, the redevelopment of the Lyon-Part-Dieu area, and a subtle bollard lighting project in the area surrounding the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The managing director of ewo France commented on the start of this new adventure: "With ewo and all the people who work there, I found the values that I love and respect: people, product discussions, the desire to move forward together and the ability to listen to the market. I am sure that this new adventure will give ewo the full recognition it deserves in France. I cannot wait to introduce it to you!"

Hannes Wohlgemuth, ewo CEO, expresses great enthusiasm for the recent opening: "We are delighted to have a partner with such a profound knowledge and understanding of the lighting market at our side for our ambitious growth plans in the French market. This is a significant market for us, and we are sure that the great results of this partnership will not be long in coming!"


Update instead of discard!

The Ponte Roma project in Bolzano shows ewo srl/GmbH's true forward-thinking in terms of sustainability: Here, ten-year-old technology had come to the end of its lifecycle and needed replacing, all of which could be done with ease thanks to ewo srl/GmbH modularity.

Cortaccia-based ewo’s highly durable luminaires, designed to last decades, can be dissembled down to the last component if needed and all that was needed was a replacement of the lighting technology to fully upgrade each one.

As part of the scheduled upgrade, lighting units and drivers installed ten years ago were replaced with newer components and the latest ewo srl/GmbH-LED technology. The majority of elements (aluminium carrier, lens and the entire holder frame) were cleaned and re-used while only two parts had to be replaced: The LED-board and the driver.

This sustainable approach minimised the parts that needed to be discarded and ewo simply revisited the site to insert the updated parts, representing a full upgrade to the luminaires from one decade prior, giving them the effective performance of brand new products.

No new production process, no expensive shipping and no additional luminaire materials were needed.

Given the relevance of sustainability for the whole planet, ewo is proud to demonstrate how its luminaires’ modularity combines value and sustainability for all of our customers: https://youtu.be/BZswIvbadyw


North Italian custom lighting specialists ewo has teamed up with noa* network of architecture to collaborate on a multisensory installation of light and sound to welcome visitors to the University of Milan for this year’s Interni Fuorisalone festival of design.

Masterminded by a young team of architects and designers led by Lukas Rungger and Stefan Rier, noa* network of architecture has created an entrance to the Cortile d’Onore featuring numerous columns of incrementally increasing height, which react to visitors’ presence creating a system of sound and light to stimulate the senses. ewo, based in Cortaccia in the province of South Tyrol, will punctuate its contribution to this installation with a continued presence next to the Transsensoral Gateway installation, with materials for anyone interested in the company’s wider work. Where to find ewo… Anyone in town should come and visit from 4-19 September:

Cortile d'Onore,
Università degli Studi di Milano
Read more about noa* network of architecture

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ewo supplied Oslo Municipality via Frizen Belysning with 37 FA170 bollards with rounded heads, for the lighting of the Grev Wedels Plass park.

Located in the heart of Oslo, in Kvadraturen, the oldest district of the city, the park is a former military zone redeveloped in 1988.

The very origin of the public park, dating back to 1869, bears witness to a phase that began in the 19th century when the city authorities recognised the importance of returning green spaces to the citizens. It is bordered by the former military hospital, the Oslo Byes Vel, a cultural organisation dedicated to the promotion of urban-environmental development, as well as the Gamle Logen concert and events hall, whose melodies can be heard echoing in the Grev Wedels Plass park.

The customer’s aim was to switch to LED lighting for the park using one metre high bollards. The product chosen by the customer, the FA170, has a flat head in the standard version. Thanks to what we call "ewoIndividual" – the possibility of modifying the luminaire in any way and thus responding to the customer’s personalised requirements, ewo was able to deliver the product with the chosen design within a short period of time, but modified the contours of the luminaire to achieve the desired roundness.

The lenses chosen for the project are the AP06 and AP06 satiné version of our A–Series. The satiné lens allows a softer light emission which is better suited to the narrow streets of the park. The distribution is Asymmetric Forward and Extra Asymmetric Forward with a colour temperature of 3,000 K.

The result is lighting that provides all the benefits of LED lighting without sacrificing aesthetics, which can also be remodelled from a standard product design to suit the customer’s taste to achieve the desired effect.



A new photo campaign from North Italian Cortaccia-based global lighting company ewo, aims to raise awareness of the importance of people feeling good outdoors, as the public continues to venture outside.

ewo’s company mantra “empowering wellbeing outdoors” is brought to life with the Urban Lounge campaign, showing how three previously unused outdoor spaces can be transformed into appealing areas, highlighting the impact that feeling comfortable outdoors can have on general wellbeing.

Outstanding lighting at the centre of this campaign, with numerous industry-leading ewo luminaires featuring within the theme of bringing sports, living room and music rooms outdoors.

The images were shot on location in Bolzano, Northern Italy:

  • Image 1: YOUR SPORTS ROOM – that’s on the road behind Twenty in Bolzano, Via Statale 12 in Zono Industriale
  • Image 2: YOUR LIVING ROOM – On the site of the now new Obi store. Just off Via Statale 12, not far from Bolzano Sud
  • Image 3: YOUR MUSIC ROOM – Shot in the city centre in Bolzano, close to the museum Museion

Each dedicated page on ewo’s website (links above) explains more of the concept behind each scene, with each one planned and crafted by artist duo beierle.goerlich, whose settings reveal a pathos and implied life that in themselves, act as a vessel for the message of wellbeing.


The two companies – ewo from Kurtatsch in Italy and Fuchs Europoles from Neumarkt in Germany, with ist subsidiary company Europoles Suisse and associated branch in Dubai – can already look back on a successful cooperation spanning many years in the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

Without doubt, a particular highlight of this partnership is the upgrading of the entire apron lighting system at Dubai Airport to efficient LED floodlights from the company ewo, which was completed in early 2020. The specialized onsite team from FUCHS Europoles played a key role in the success of this project, taking on the professional and certified conversion of the entire project using internal staff and, furthermore, will continue to oversee the project over the next few years.

The experiences derived from this project have prompted the two companies to further intensify their already close cooperation, with the result that FUCHS will now act as the official “ewo Competence Partner” in the United Arab Emirates with effect from June 2021.

In its capacity as “ewo Competence Partner”, FUCHS Europoles will use its extensive knowledge and expertise to advise customers, partners, and planners on all matters pertaining to LED high mast lighting systems and will be available as a contact for ewo LED high mast technology in all project phases.

An expert service team will also be on hand to assist with the installation and commissioning of the system, conduct certified light measurements, and provide ongoing optimal system support even after the project has been completed.

“We are delighted that our cooperation with FUCHS Europoles is enabling us to provide our customers and partners in the United Arab Emirates with direct, local access to an expert contact for ewo product solutions. We believe that the qualified support and service provided by FUCHS Europoles in all project phases will offer real added value for our customers,” states Hannes Wohlgemuth, CEO of ewo.

Michael Novotny, Managing Director of FUCHS Europoles: “With ewo, FUCHS Europoles has access to a strong partner in efficient LED light solutions. Combined with our expertise in high masts and lowering systems, as well as professional project support and management, we are convinced that we can offer a coherent and holistic service package for the United Arab Emirates.”

FUCHS Europoles will make its first official appearance as “ewo Competence partner” at Dubai Airport


25 years of ewo

- Lights on for ewo: a quarter of a century of technical innovation
- Lighting expertise since 1996

It is the courage to change that is ewo’s driving force. Exactly 25 years ago in 1996, the Wohlgemuth family founded the "ewo" company for high-quality lighting systems in the Sarntal valley in South Tyrol. With the move to Kurtatsch eight years later, the necessary space was created to be able to push ahead with expansion. Today, the company is an internationally established shining star in the lighting industry. A company that stands for uncompromising technology, innovative thinking and a special sense of design and aesthetic - characteristics that are rarely found in combination elsewhere.

ewo grew from an ornamental blacksmith’s, a one-man business with one apprentice. Ernst Wohlgemuth learned the craft of blacksmithing from his father and in 1980, at a young age, together with his wife Flora Emma Kröss, realised the dream of independence with their metal workshop. As time went by, the desire arose to realign the company and, instead of sacral and everyday pieces of wrought-iron work, to manufacture products that could be easily shipped around the world. The groundwork for ewo had begun and the company was founded in 1996. Since then, the second generation has been ushered in and, managed by Hannes Wohlgemuth, the company employs over 100 people in Kurtatsch, Sarntein, Verona, Innsbruck, Munich, Berlin and Melbourne.

"When I look back on 25 years of ewo, I see faces in front of me - those of our employees who have always shared our passion for product development and innovation, the faces of our customers all over the world who have believed in us and whose trust in us has been assured at all times," summarises founder Flora Emma Kröss.

Since the beginning, ewo has remained true to its values, which each family member embodies: Curiosity, courage, trust, honesty. Coupled with the highest quality, ewo also sets industry standards. The interaction of technology and design is a central aspect. "We have always started with the technology," says founder and technical director Ernst Wohlgemuth. "Once this is in place, designs can be done around the technology, but first and foremost the light has to work. That what creates atmosphere."

After 25 years, ewo is nowhere near the end of its journey. On the contrary, the company is in the starting blocks, becoming more and more attractive to the wider market and bursting with ideas. "In the future, we would like to become much more present in other markets with our projects and products. We would like to become the company of choice for planners and urban designers. It is a good ambition that planners who want to create a feel-good outdoor space space, automatically think of ewo first when it comes to the subject of light," says CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth.


FA ewoLIghtTile

Brilliance without dazzling: the realisation of ewo's glare-reduced perspective on light

The manufacturer of high-quality lighting systems is taking a significant step on its mission to make the outdoor space at night as glare-free as possible. With the integration of its new and groundbreaking ewoLightTile light guiding panels into its high-end product solutions for the residential and hospitality sectors, the South Tyrolean company now brings a smoother experience, soothing the eyes and senses of residents and guests alike. The glare-reduced light is now available in the FA100 family of wall and ceiling luminaires thanks to the integration of the ewoLightTile optic.

ewo CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth: "By bringing this dynamically interacting luminaire family to outdoor areas with excellent visual comfort, we can contribute significantly to our corporate vision, which we describe as empowering wellbeing outdoors". The ewoLightTile is a new light guiding panel first introduced to ewo products in early 2020 as an alternative approach to conventional directional lens optics. It has proven to be the perfect solution to the long-standing problem of glare-intensive lighting in residential and urban areas. It completely hides LED light points from view and, with its large, homogeneously illuminated surface, enables a completely new level of visual comfort.

Thanks to the integration of the ewoLightTile into the compact FA100 family of luminaires, ewo equips luminaires with glare-reduced technology for a wider field of applications, particularly in areas close to buildings such as terraces, porches or covered areas. These applications can often be found with inner-city centres as well as in high-end residential and hotel buildings.

"ewoLightTile allows us to put the light exactly where it is needed while complying with common lighting standards. At the same time, we were able to greatly reduce unwanted glare. With this light-guide optic, we are also able to produce homogeneous dynamic white light in the spectrum from cool white (6,500 K) to warm white (2,200 K)" Hannes Wohlgemuth explains further.

For the South Tyrolean company ewo, which specialises in high-quality lighting systems, quality of light in outdoor spaces does not only include efficient illumination of public spaces and squares; with these innovative technologies, the wellbeing of the user is also always in view. Anyone who has ever looked directly into an LED light source has already experienced the effects of dazzling glare. This is where the ewoLightTile comes in: Thanks to the innovative light-guiding technology, these effects are finally a thing of the past. A decisive step on the way to increasing wellbeing in the outdoor space and providing comfortable and cosy illumination during the hours of darkness as well.



"Natural light is never static. So why should artificial light be?" is precisely the question that has preoccupied ewo CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth for some time. While it has long been common practice in the field of indoor lighting, use of dynamic lighting scenarios adapting to changing needs is only just finding its way to outdoor projects. ewo is in the starting blocks ready to take a huge leap forward in this area.

"We want people to feel comfortable in public spaces. Light brings us together outdoors at night - like a campfire," Hannes Wohlgemuth is fascinated above all, by the question of how ewo as a luminaire manufacturer, can improve people’s sense of well-being in public spaces in the evening and at night - away from the standard mainstream concepts of the industry. The goal? "empowering wellbeing outdoors".

In the field of innovative light management for smart solutions, ewo developed this expertise through its start-up connexx, which develops hardware and software for luminaire management. The result: smart features and intelligent light from a single source, for future-oriented solutions.

Dynamic Lighting is not a technological end in itself for ewo. Smart light always has a way of achieving any goal, be it safety, well-being or a special lighting experience. Taking natural light as a model, our ewoLightTile surface optic changes its colour dynamically and interactively from warm white 2,200 K to cool white 6,500 K. A gentle pace can be selected for calming changes of light colour, or quicker transitions for special occasions.

Beyond standard lighting scenarios, ewo takes Dynamic Lighting to the next level. Multiple lighting distributions in the same luminaire allow each one to react specifically to its surroundings. Movement is translated into light. Light accompanies movement and in this sense, light not only reacts to people in its vicinity, but also enhances their sense of well-being.

To enable the different light distributions to react intelligently, they are equipped with PIR sensors, for example, which detect movement and transmit the signal to the luminaire, which can also communicate wirelessly to the nearest luminaire.

"We see it as our mission to provide planners with all the tools needed to improve the quality of their time in public spaces," says CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth. "The light is dynamically modulated, the space becomes a stage for all desired scenarios and moods."

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

Links to other Dynamic Lighting Videos:
- Dynamic colour temperatures
- Dynamic change of light distributions

New product family: if round 1
New product family: if round 2
New product family: if round 3
New product family: if round 4
New product family: if round 5
New product family: if round 6
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New product family: if round

With the bollard and wall-mounted system if round we were motivated by the idea of creating an elegant add-on to the if bollard system exhibiting a sleek and slender grace that can be unobtrusively integrated into any setting. Whether it be a private garden or pathway, a residential area or a high-end hotel, with its homogenous illumination, if round will be suitable - humbly and elegantly.

The German industrial designer, Moritz, already elaborated the predecessor if, which has even been featured at the museum Kunst Meran Merano Arte in the end of 2019, and completed ’if round’ in 2020.

Moritz Kessler about his newest design: "if round is characterised by its simple geometry. The shaft that dips into the head of the bollard creates a striking joint that is the aesthetic distinguishing feature of the if family. Simple and yet distinctive."

"For the paths that lead the guests to their villas, we created a perforated variation of the if round that provides a distinctive and welcoming presence in the otherwise sparingly lit landscape. The resultant vibrancy is reminescent of a collection of lanterns being left out to guide the guest home" — The Flaming Beacon, Lighting Designers

Designer: Moritz Kessler
Design contributor: The Flaming Beacon Lighting Designers

Technical information and Product Configurator: if round

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ewo’s mission to make people feel comfortable in public spaces has taken another step forward, with this recent project at Park Ascot in Australia.

The project by Brisbane City Council, worked with the concept “From carpark to District Park” to turn an area previously used for car park overflow, into something the local community could enjoy with minimal light pollution.

The park is a quiet, attractive space that can be used for a variety of purposes such as walking, picnicking or even small concerts.

ewo’s luminaires were fitted in cooperation with Brisbane City Council, whose project managers chose the system because it offered a streamlined solution allowing effective planning, delivering comfort of park-goers.

ewo’s bestselling F–System XS designed by Jörg Boner is Dark Sky approved, illuminating the walkways without wasting light.

Brisbane City Council:

"The project had the potential to present problematic light overspill into surrounding sensitive ecological zones and adjacent high density residential areas. 

However, through precise calculations and strategic design made possible by the ewo F–System luminaires and lenses, we were able to achieve a highly responsive outcome, benefiting the varied and delicate local environment whilst bringing the park to life at nightfall.”

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10 years together, striving for synergy of form and function:

Drafting and creating products together with Jörg Boner typically involves countless meticulously crafted cardboard models, which he amends and fine-tunes with great patience and constant innovation until a harmonious design is born. But aesthetics are not the only decisive factor: The Zurich-based designer also aims for cost-effective compositions. A true master of keeping the bigger picture in mind.

For 10 years, Jörg Boner has devised products and product families for the South Tyrolean luminaire manufacturer ewo – always with a keen eye on the parameters that are imperative for both industrial and product design. ewo’s product portfolio is both: technologically state-of-the-art and consistent in its formal implementation. In 2010, the UN pole-mounted luminaire kicked off the cooperation between the two, with the best-selling F–System and the elegant GO following suit in 2015.

The latest luminaire, IR, draws from the same principles. IR is Intelligence Ready. In designing this pole- and wall-mounted luminaire, the space required for sensors and other smart elements was a key factor from the outset. Wherever smart lighting is required, the smart modules take a back seat and become invisible within the luminaire itself – leaving the centre stage entirely to the shape and design.

To quote the author himself: "Design in itself is always visible, but the process is a hidden object." The original requirement was to integrate the pole adapter and the luminaire head into as a single-cast piece at the top of the pole. A welcome challenge for Jörg Boner: "In terms of design, the transition from pole to luminaire is a highly interesting detail that has fascinated us for quite some time."

The result of the thought- and design process: a luminaire head that narrows continuously as it reaches the apex at the back of the pole. This new shape brings about a whole new typology: "A continuous ribbon runs around the luminaire head and draws the eye around the pole. This aesthetic feature also opens up functional advantages by creating room for intelligent components," says CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth, who follows the design processes of all ewo products closely.

The space gained is a protected section between the pole and the luminaire that offers room for additional elements. Or, as Jörg Boner puts it, "form and function always contrast each other. They are an unlikely couple, and they influence each other. We are extremely pleased that with IR we have succeeded in creating a luminaire that stands out in terms of character and, at the same time, formal restraint: a luminaire with a certain presence in public spaces, but which never draws attention to itself through aesthetic extravagance. An object that formally blends into both architecture and landscape".



ewo floodlights will lead to a reduction of 63 % energy consumption at DXB, one of the busiest airports in the world, delivering 7,000 MWh annual energy savings to service Dubai International Airport’s near 90 million annual passenger journeys.

The project, in association with state-of-the-art pole manufacturer FUCHS Europoles, started execution mid-2019 and entered completion after only ¾ year in the beginning of 2020, representing an enormous commitment by Dubai DXB airport to ewo’s R-System, a fully modular, hand-constructed floodlight capable of combining multiple distributions within each luminaire.

FUCHS Europoles GmbH - Dubai Branch GM Joerg Zwingli: "Not only the high quality of the ewo R-Series floodlights made the difference but also the performance allowing us to reduce the quantity of floodlights per mast up to less than a half. This additional improvement gave us more flexibility to cope with the different type of masts and lowering systems.”

This is part of the wider modernisation of Dubai International Airport, exchanging old halogen fixtures with ewo’s industry-leading LED floodlights. In addition to substantially improved security from enhanced lighting systems, the new luminaries enhance lux value to 30 lx whilst improving energy efficiency and accuracy of illumination, for the betterment of this major international hub.

From the beginning of the project, the R-Series helped to prioritise simplicity. The R4 (four-panel) variant was used for the illumination of the aprons, whilst the R2 (two-panel) variant was mostly used for corresponding GSE (Ground Support Equipment) roads.

The product allowed the team to work with two types of lenses and a current feed of 600 mA for all luminaires, contributing to smooth planning work, production, installation and project documentation for ewo, FUCHS Europoles and all associated partners. In addition, the R2 and R4 variants brought a high level of accuracy on illumination, glare and lux level at optimized cost, matching required DXB specifications and ICAO standards perfectly.

ewo CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth: "We have always been confident that the ewo R-System’s power and modularity can surpass its competitors’ performance and we are very pleased that the airport-wide transition to ewo’s R-System is now complete.”

Dubai International Airport: "DXB’s apron and aircraft parking areas across its 12.5km2 airfield are now lit with brighter, more efficient LED lights that will deliver annual energy savings of approximately 7,000 MWh. The switch to energy efficient LED lights is expected to reduce loads from 2,200 KW to just 810 KW, a massive drop of 63% in annual consumption."

Photography: © Dubai International Airport

Full Museion to discuss wellbeing in public space 1
Full Museion to discuss wellbeing in public space 2
Full Museion to discuss wellbeing in public space 3
Full Museion to discuss wellbeing in public space 4
Full Museion to discuss wellbeing in public space 5
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Full Museion to discuss wellbeing in public space

On 5 December, the fifth ewoTALK of the lighting company ewo filled the Museion in Bolzano.

Internationally renowned architects, spatial planners and urban researchers discussed how the quality of life in public spaces will be influenced by day and night. With the ewoTALK discussion platform, ewo intends to discuss current trends in the disciplines of design, art, architecture, technology and business.

This year, Sandra Hofmeister, editor-in-chief of the German architecture magazine DETAIL, chaired the presentation on the topic of wellbeing in public spaces - a topic that not only moves architects, but which carries equal relevance to everyone who makes use of public spaces. Because urban spaces, as publicly accessible resources, create meeting points for everyone and thus have the difficult task of meeting the needs of all people at all ages.

"A dull, poorly designed place doesn’t invite you to linger, it doesn’t need take much to form something more exciting" - says Patrick Lüth, CEO of Snohetta Studio Innsbruck, as he illustrated his point by showcasing stunning selected projects.

Anna Rose from Space Syntax Great Britain, on the other hand, pursues a data-driven approach and draws from user-oriented planning in public space as a field of social and economic interaction by means of computer-based programs. Elina Kränzle, urban researcher at Vienna University of Technology, appealed to the audience to consider socially disadvantaged groups, and reminded them of the impact of uniformity of the "Global City Lights" hanging above Times Square and other metropolitan spaces.

Hannes Wohlgemuth, Managing Director of ewo, explained how light makes a useful contribution to public spaces: "At night, lighting provides security, creates atmospheres and influences the feel-good character of outdoor spaces. As a kind of electronic campfire, light can even give an incentive to go outdoors at night. From this perspective, light performs a social duty, because light in the outside space is there for everyone.

"At night, lighting can make it possible to live together in public places and during the day, luminaires can be attractive features that fit subtly into the urban fabric, offering added aesthetic value thanks to their design language. As a manufacturer of high-quality lighting systems, ewo develops the tools with which lighting designers can stage all outdoor spaces.

Photo: © ewo/Malou Reedorf, James Lenney, Jacopo Coen
Patrick Lüth, Hannes Wohlgemuth, Elina Kränzle, Anna Rose, Sandra Hofmeister

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ewo’s Italian sales team was proud to participate at the Biennale di Pisa last week at the stunning Arsenali Repubblicani, a reconstructed historic site that ewo illuminated back in 2015.

Biennale di Pisa’s 27 Nov conference began with ewo’s symposium entitled “Luce come materia / Light is matter”. ewo staff and others led discussions on the perception of wellbeing in public spaces, and the role that light plays in the relationship.

The conference presented projects carried out in collaboration with ewo, such as Arsenali Repubblicani, Bastione Sangallo, Teatro Calabrone and Parco a Vecchiano, in addition to highlighting innovative optical technology with ewoLightTile, ewo’s new light-guiding panel.

Under the guidance of architects Fabio Daole and Mario Pasqualetti who led the restoration, ewo designed an impressive lighting solution to enhance both the interiors and exteriors of this wonderful architecture.

In the external area, ewo’s EL luminaire was used to shape the perimeter of the site, while in the interior, custom lights were mounted on the ceiling support, allowing for numerous customisations for smoke detectors, loudspeakers and emergency equipment.
Read more about this project.

Arsenali Repubblicani hosted the third Biennale di Pisa between November 21 and December 1, with ten-days of events, talks and exhibitions dedicated to architecture. Under the direction of Alfonso Femia, these events focussed on the theme "Tempodacqua. Water, the dimension of time".

The series of events offered training credits for engineers and architects, bringing together commentators from sectors related to the field of architecture, to discuss themes important to their work. The event is described as a cultural project, and is run by LP (Associazione Culturale Laboratorio Permanente per la Città).

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ewo has worked on two winning projects in the prestigious German Design 2020 Awards, highlighting incredible collaborations with outstanding international lighting designers, helping to realise wonderful lighting concepts and projects.

The Masterplan project on ETH Zürich campus won the German Design Award 2020 for Excellent Architecture, Urban Space and Infrastructure. The concept which now shapes the emotional experience of the campus at night, maintains safety and aids orientation.

The identity-shaping design element, a luminaire family consisting of mast, bollard and mini bollard luminaires, was used for the Hönggerberg campus. Comprising ewo luminaires, with designs from the fantasic team of nachtactiv, led by the progressive ideas of Reto Marty and lighting design from nachtactiv, the project began back in 2011. This concept helped to reduce power consumption 75%, focussing on how little light is actually needed in public spaces in order to feel comfortable and secure.

Another accolade was the BUGA Fiber Pavilion’s win of the German Design Award for Excellence in Architecture. ewo proudly supplied the bespoke lighting fixtures for this remarkable structure, which builds on years of biometric research using fibre composites commonly seen in biology for load-bearing purposes.

Run by the Institute for Conceptual Design and Construction (ICD) and the Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) at the University of Stuttgart, the BUGA Fibre Pavilion utilises 120 ewo spotlights mounted in association with light planning office LDE Belzner Holmes, with various lighting distributions, for the beautiful illumination of the 400 square metre area.

Hannes Wohlgemuth, CEO of ewo:

"One of the best things about my job is the level of collaboration we see, between such inspiringso many lighting, architectural, design, scientific and technical specialists united in a passion for exciting perfectionism projects.

"These two projects really show the level of commitment and the variety of expertise involved in urban planning and architectural projects, and we are proud to have made contributions to various elements of each”.



Dear Lighting Professionals,

It is always exciting to be in touch with you! Thank you to all who stopped by our booth and thank you for the many inspiring conversations during PLDC.

I’m sure you know, ewo constantly strives to offer the most suitable product solution for any desired lighting project according to a holistic approach. Modularity of single components is the prerequisite for individualised lighting solutions; and the highest lighting quality is our driving force.

With our latest optical development, we were able to further expand on this philosophy.

ewoightTile is the name of our unique light guiding panel optics, which we have finally presented in Rotterdam.

The extremely positive feedback shows that we do not exaggerate when we say that ewoLightTile will change your perception of light.


Hannes Wohlgemuth

PLDC Rotterdam 1
PLDC Rotterdam 2
PLDC Rotterdam 3
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PLDC Rotterdam

Conceptually, we have paired two optical systems: The modular lenses of the A series and the new ewoLightTile light guide panel optics.

Click here for the PLDC fair video.

New light guide panels: ewoLightTile

ewo launched its radically new optical system ewoLightTile at this year’s PLDC in Rotterdam. ewoLightTile utilises unique light-guiding panels for precise, smooth, glare-reduced and uniform illumination devoid of visible LED units.

Advantages of ewoLightTile:
- Homogeneously illuminated light emitters, invisible individual LEDs
- Reduced glare and high visual comfort
- Precise and uniform illumination
- Modular application of individual ewoLightTiles
- Intended for areas where people will be close to the light source.

ewoLightTile: Light like you’ve never seen before.

See the video
Visit the ewoLightTile web page

The updated ewoPhotometricEngine

Explore ewo’s infinitely variable combinations of lighting distributions can be explored through the ewoPhotometricEngine, a tool which allows users to shape their own light by testing infinite combinations of lenses, for application to any individual ewo luminaire.

"Shape your own light" with the ewoPhotometricEngine.

See the video.


Outdoor lighting specialist ewo launched its radically new optical system ewoLightTile at this year’s PLDC in Rotterdam, with huge success.

ewoLightTile’s unique light-guiding panels deliver high visual comfort with precise, smooth, glare-reduced and uniform illumination devoid of visible LED points. Homogeneously illuminated light emitters make up each panel of ewoLightTile, which shine with a superior level of visual comfort.

ewoLightTile is intended for areas in which people will be close to the light source, such as urban spaces, residential areas, pathways etc, contributing to a human-centric concept with an emphasis on personal wellbeing.

Therefore, the product is applicable to numerous ewo luminaires, from in-ground, to pole mounted luminaires, as part of the company’s modular lens and lighting systems.

ewoLightTiles can be mounted for vertical or horizontal illumination, and can be arranged side-by-side or one above the other.

Hannes Wohlgemuth, ewo CEO said: “ewoLightTile is definitely my favourite recent development, because it focuses on the needs of the individual, their perception of light and the sense of wellbeing that derives from high-quality lighting and design. Our driving force is the highest lighting quality and with this latest optical development, we’ve reached another milestone.”

ewo constantly strives to offer the most suitable product solution for any desired lighting project according to a holistic approach and with the new ewoLightTile optical system, ewo has further expanded on this philosophy as it aims to master the perception of light.

ewoLightTile is light as you’ve never seen it before.

See the ewoLightTile video.
Click for more.

PRODUCT LAUNCHES AT inter airport Europe 1
PRODUCT LAUNCHES AT inter airport Europe 2
PRODUCT LAUNCHES AT inter airport Europe 3
PRODUCT LAUNCHES AT inter airport Europe 4
PRODUCT LAUNCHES AT inter airport Europe 5
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PRODUCT LAUNCHES AT inter airport Europe

New generations of high power floodlights and a unique light measuring tool

ewo has enjoyed a great start to a busy season of events, with the successful launch of two new floodlights:

1) R-System gen2, a newer and more powerful version of ewo’s hugely successful floodlight, capable of delivering up to 148,000 lm, 1,300 W (gen1 delivered up to - 139,350 lm, 1,250 W).

2) R-System gen3 concept, a glimpse into the future of ewo floodlighting with the even more powerful floodlight capable of delivering up to 185,000 lm, 1,545 W.

As another highlight, ewo launched a brand new, unique measurement tool:
LightLogger: A one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use mobile tool for measurement of illuminance lux (lx), engineered for airport aprons, parking spaces, ports and container terminals.

See the LightLogger video here.

The new floodlights and announcements achieved great recognition at inter airport Europe, from contacts old and new across the field of aviation.

Next up for large area lighting:
New Zealand Airports Conference
23-25 October in Aukland
With Energylight
Stand 4

Australian Airports Association National Conference 2019 
18-22 November with Avionics

ewo products at the Museum Arte Merano

"Design from the Alps. Tyrol/South Tyrol/Trentino 1920-2020"

Four of our products are currently being shown in a museum exhibition at Kunst Meran/Merano Arte - this shows our contribution to design and art, as well as our ongoing collaborations with up-and-coming and renowned designers. The ewo products exhibited in Merano epitomise ewo’s minimalist aesthetic and our modern, durable design language.

A long-standing priority for ewo is the promotion of dialogue between experts from the fields of art, design and technology with regular ewoTALKS and ewoLAB platforms that focus on creativity, aesthetics and innovation. Under the direction of Hannes Wohlgemuth, the focus is once again on the expansion of tailor-made design and advanced technology as well as aesthetic craftsmanship and intelligent innovations.

GO: The elegant GO in die-cast aluminium was designed by Swiss design specialist Jörg Boner.

BR21 and LB23: The street furniture with accent lighting was designed by the Norwegian designers Norway Says (now Anderssen & Voll, and Andreas Engesvik).

if: Designed by Hannes Wohlgemuth and Moritz Kessler, the elegant if bollard is ideal for both public walkways and private gardens.

Event details

Design from the Alps. Tyrol/South Tyrol/Trentino 1920-2020
Duration: 11 October 2019 - 12 January 2020
Curators: Claudio Larcher, Massimo Martignoni, Ursula Schnitzer

The first comprehensive overview of the production and culture of modern design in a dynamic cross-border European region.

A production by Kunst Meran/Merano Arte with NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti and the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.


ewo will be exhibiting numerous new products and services at internationally renowned lighting and design events around the world in October, 2019.

inter airport europe
8-11 October
Stand: 1530 (Hall B5)


Hightlights: ewo will showcase a newly developed hardware and software measuring tool for lux values as well as a new high power floodlighting system and an a new concept. At our stand, you will see the enormous strides ewo technology has taken since becoming the first company to illuminate a full apron system entirely with LEDs.


23-26 October
Stand: E05 + E06 + E07

Hightlights: We will focus on ewo’s versatility in Mastering the Shape of Light by demonstrating the simplexity of our A-Series and by launching a new optical system. Come visit - we’ll show you light as you’ve never seen it before.


23 – 25 October
Stand: 4 (Energylight)
Highlights: Come and see our floodlight offering at New Zealand’s premier event for the airport industry featured by our amazing partner Energylight.

Snøhetta exhibition: Shaping Interaction

ewo is proud to sponsor the internationally renowned architectural studio Snøhetta’s 30th anniversary with a double exhibition this summer, which runs until 14 July at Architekturgalerie in Munich.

Snøhetta is showcasing three outstanding architectural projects, offering an intimate insight into their world-renowned prowess in the field of architecture.

Models, photos and sketches are featured, including ewo’s project “Streuobstwiese” for Swarovski, as the exhibition continues to explore how Snøhetta works across international projects whilst honouring important considerations for local culture, history and geography.

The design and working processes for Snøhetta fuse traditional craftsmanship with the latest digital techniques, as reflected by materials on display at this already successful the exhibition.

Due to its outstanding popularity, the exhibition it has been prolonged by a number of weeks.

Anyone with an interest in the creative process in developing architectural concepts should go to see the exhibition before its end date of July 14!


Architekturgalerie München,
Kunstareal Türkenstraße 30,
80333 München

Ends 14. July

Awards and nominations, Lichtdesign Preis Awards 2019

ewo is a proud supplier of lighting for internationally acclaimed projects receiving prizes and nomination at the Lightdesign Preis awards 2019.

Luminaires were supplied by ewo for two winning submissions – one in the city of Riedlingen and one at the Merck Innovation Centre – in addition to a nomination for the fantastic ‘Masterplan’ project at ETH Zürich. 

The winning projects were both very different. The project in the city of Riedlingen, championed by architects sbp (schlaich bergermann partner), utilised ewo’s EL columns and FA bollards, to complement an externally supplied bridge illumination and create cohesive all-round aesthetic for a beautiful area in the city centre. 

Luminaries were supplied by ewo for the outdoor areas of Lumen³ GbR’s winning project at Merck Innovation Centre, which aimed to enhance the general wellbeing of staff with homogenous throughout the site, glare-free illumination. 

In addition to winners, the award-nominated ‘Masterplan’ at ETH Zürich has regularly featured as a flagship ewo project and was a unique lighting design challenge. The concept for lighting designers Nachtaktiv Zürich was to waste as little light as possible, ensuring that a sense of security and safety was maintained through the lowest achievable level of light. 

All three projects showcase the universe of possibilities with ewo’s products, as well as what can be achieved in collaboration with such remarkable lighting designers and architects, receiving well-deserved recognition at this year’s awards.

A new generation at lighting specialist ewo

Cortaccia-based lighting company ewo is proud to announce that Hannes Wohlgemuth has taken over the role of company Chief Executive effective from January 2019.

Hannes Wohlgemuth has been with ewo long before he has decided to join the company after his final degree in 2012, as his parents, Flora Emma Kröss and Ernst Wohlgemuth, founded ewo in 1996. Having effectively grown up with ewo, Hannes Wohlgemuth has gained experience within all departments, acquiring profound knowledge of the lightning sector.

In recent years, he has been focussing on expanding ewo’s global influence as Head of Marketing and Sales.

Hannes Wohlgemuth’s appointment as CEO will see the company continue this approach. This comes alongside ewo’s constant commitment to the technological and engineering product innovations. In addition, he focuses on refining digital tools for lightning design and product specification, as well as for measurement and analysis of existing projects. Such a digital tool is ewo’s online-configurator, which generates the most suitable product variation out of endless possibilities of ewo’s product portfolio within seconds.

Commenting on his formalised position, Hannes Wohlgemuth said: “I am very proud to represent the company where I grew up as its CEO and I am confident that our creative endeavours and technical expertise will continue to add to our global portfolio of powerful lighting projects.”

The company’s founders Flora Emma Kröss and Ernst Wohlgemuth will remain at ewo in executive positions as COO and CTO respectively.

Flora Emma Kröss, commenting on the generation change said:

“We are very fortunate to know that our son will carry on the traditions we have established at ewo. The ushering in of the new generation, has been underway as part of a proactive plan spanning several years. I am convinced that now it’s time to hand things over for this change and it brings me great joy to see the competence, diligence and enthusiasm Hannes brings to the company.”

ewo’s iRealm concept wins prestigious LUX Award

ewo is pleased to announce that iRealm, the company’s concept for the future design of public spaces, won a prestigious LUX Award at London’s Intercontinental O2, within the category of Property Technology: Connected Lighting Concept of the Year.

The award-winning iRealm concept involves four layers of lighting design for public spaces:

  • traditional lighting design focusing on lux level, form and function,
  • a connected layer, ensuring uninterrupted wifi internet connectivity through interior routed systems
  • a mesh layer, using Bluetooth low energy mesh to connect IoT nodes and sensors (potentially forming part of a smart city network)
  • a beacon layer enabling app-driven interaction between users on the network from light fittings to mobile devices, delivering limitless of applications like check-ins, timetables, menus, wayfinding, history of space, vouchers, targeted marketing and much more.

ewo’s recognition as a conceptual pioneer in connected lighting, as well as its nomination in the category of Exterior Luminaire of the Year, cements the company’s position as a global player in this immensely competitive sector.

Hannes Wohlgemuth, Head of Marketing & Sales at ewo, said:

“We are thrilled to have won an award, as part the wider recognition our work has received from two major category nominations at these prestigious awards.

“Our ongoing research into the field of Smart City technology puts us in a great position to expand and deliver on these fantastic concepts for future projects.”

Lee Purvis, ewo UK and Ireland General Manager and concept leader for iRealm, said:

“It’s great to see iRealm so well received as a concept within the sector, really showing the desire for connectivity in the spaces we use every day.
With this solid foundation, we hope to start putting a lot of the theory to the test and working to an exciting, efficient, better-connected future for all of our clients investing in public space lighting.”

Visit the LUX Awards site. >>View full press release (PDF)

ewo to focus on modularity at Light + Building 2018 in Frankfurt

A wide range of requirements demands a wide range of solutions, and ewo the South Tyrol has found a clear answer: LED systems with a consistent focus on modularity. “Our modular system enables us to use lenses with all products,” explains Hannes Wohlgemuth, Head of Marketing and Sales at ewo. “From our perspective, it makes no difference whether we are installing a spot or a street light distribution. We are even able to mix lens optics within a single product. This is music to the ears of lighting system engineers, as it opens up so many new possibilities.”

The unveiling of the ewo A-Series during Light + Building will also represent the debut of the third generation of the modular LED tool kit. High-efficiency LED technology combined with a comprehensive assortment of newly calculated high-performance optics makes it possible to tap into a vast performance range, from large-scale lighting of outdoor areas to finely dosed, miniaturised architectural lighting. “We have rethought the LED tool kit entirely rather than just iterating. Massive miniaturisation and a high performance Industry 4.0 process that captures the entire spectrum form planning to installation open up completely new potential. Both on a design level as well as in terms of efficiency and footprint“, explains founder and CTO of ewo, Ernst Wohlgemuth.

The centrepiece of the presentation in Frankfurt is ewoPhotometric Engine, an object designed by Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram that looks as though it has just beamed down from the future. “ewoPhotometricEngine is a large optomechanical device that is essentially a giant lens. A tangible human interface device able to simulate 1,799,766,996 configurations of ewo’s new A-Series LED system: a new miniaturised high efficiency photonic technology that can light anything from a handrail to an airfield”, clarifies Designer Clemens Weisshaar.

Further additions to the product portfolio include the light systems IN and ID in the outdoor lighting segment. These solutions for street and walkway lighting are suitable for flush-mounted installation without any visible screws, thereby ensuring full freedom for architects and lighting system engineers in designing outdoor areas without bringing the lights themselves into the foreground.

Finally, ewo will also be presenting its new magazine at Light + Building. Running to 150 pages, this not only covers the entire product range but also provides a textual and pictorial account of every aspect of ewo’s concepts and activities in relation to light.

ewo at Light + Building, Frankfurt, 18-23 March 2018, hall 5.0, stand B30.

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ewo – Successful Throughout the World with Highly-Efficient LED Technology

ewo is presenting itself at Light + Building 2016 in Frankfurt with a new, expanded product portfolio. It ranges from architectural lighting to the illumination of large spaces, and it distinguishes itself through increased efficiency and the extremely varied possibilities for configuration.

With its unique array of products, ewo creates top-quality, technologically advanced solutions for the most varied of contexts. Since every single project poses specific demands, we have developed a product system which we can adapt down to the last detail. We are thus the forerunner in the realization of the potential of the LED. The modular, highly-variable LED lighting unit is the fundamental building block for systems of any dimension.

Within the framework of the tradeshow appearance, we would like to present:
– R-System: newly developed for large-area illumination
– F-System: the tried and true F-System L for large areas has been supplemented by
   two sizes, S + M, for roads, junction areas, traffic circles/roundabouts, and parking lots
– GO system luminaire: newly developed for residential streets and parks
– if bollard light: a new addition for situations close to buildings and green areas

ewo at Light + Building 2016, 13.–18.03.2016 Frankfurt am Main; Hall 5.0, Stand B30

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A new date with the ewoTALKS

Art and business: challenges and opportunities for collaboration.

This is the last in this year’s series of ewoTALKs, the events devoted to the relationship between art, design, business and technology conceived by Museion in collaboration with ewo. The ewoTALKS are an important element of an interdisciplinary collaboration between two key players in the local area - the cultural institution Museion and the technology company ewo, which has decided to reach out to the world of art and culture. The events were launched in 2015, International Year of Light, and are scheduled to continue into 2016. The next talk, on Thursday 19th November(8 p.m.) explores the opportunities for collaboration between the worlds of art and business. This is the subject up for discussion between Matthias Mühling, Director of the Lenbachhaus in Munich, Hannes Wohlgemuth (Marketing and Sales, ewo) and Mark Möllenbruck of the internationally renowned design studio Meiré und Meiré, Cologne. The discussion will be moderated by Susanne Barta (ewo) and recorded by RAI Südtirol.

According to the experts the future is all about open systems. Living and working in open systems calls for special skills: autonomy, profile, positioning, and the ability to act with flexibility and creativity, attentive to a constantly changing scenario. Thinking and acting innovatively are typical characteristics of the world of art. But how much does the business world need art, and, conversely, how much does the art world need business? How can artists interface with the world of business, and how can business people make a commitment to culture? How to implement fruitful processes of collaboration between all parties? These are the key issues that will be tackled in the debate.

19/11/15 8 p.m.
Museion Passage, Piazza Piero Siena 1, Bolzano

In German
Admission free

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Linda Jasmin Mayer for ewoLAB

ewo presents in Copenhagen the new ewoLAB project „Lightways“. ewoLAB initiates projects with artists, designers and architects and in doing so deals with the subject of light on various levels. Young South Tyrolean artist Linda Jasmin Mayer, who currently lives in Copenhagen, is addressing the topic of light control for ewoLAB.

A lightbeam installation for Refshaleøen
Refshaleøen, Copenhagen

Light attracts, deflects and guides the perception. Our gaze and our footsteps are led by light. In the installation at Refshaleøen, in an alternative path of light, the unexpected is lit up. The light path is meant to call into question the usual way in which light acts as an automatic “guide” for us through the city.

Some elements of the former shipyard of Refshaleøen will be illuminated, and thus lifted out of darkness by the light for a few moments. The installation’s various points of light illuminate objects from the past that still exist on the island, yet in some cases no longer have a function.

Opening 13.11.2015 5-8 p.m., Aperitif 6.30 p.m.
The Aperitif will be served in the Transformator Station of the former shipyard of Refshaleøen, Refshalevej 167, 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark.

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