ewo is in motion. We are connecting. With different people, new markets, other cultures. We willingly accept, endorse and support external influences since we believe that the answers to the requirements and challenges of our time can be found through such connections and dialogues. ewoLAB initiates projects with artists, designers and architects and in doing so deals with the subject of light on various levels.

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Plasma Studio is developing Tagliente as a flowing transition between the vertical mast structure and horizontal elements of the lamp. The intersection is angled in various directions, the relationship between the various surfaces distorted, the structure concealed. The richly-faceted object shows various aspects of its shape from every perspective.

The ewoLAB project was first exhibited at the Plasma Studio's Nodal Landscapes solo exhibition at the DAZ Berlin from 02.10 to 14.11.2010.


Exhibition "Nodal Landscapes" DAZ, Berlin


Making of - Prototype

Making of - Prototype

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