Dynamic Lighting — IR

A recently introduced product that illustrates these concepts of Dynamic Lighting is the IR pole and wall luminaire - "Intelligence Ready". In cooperation with jörg boner productdesign, ewo has brought innovation to the market with the IR, in which the luminaire head provides space for integrated sensors and smart elements.

A crucial advantage of the modular system from ewo is the possibility of combining different lenses within a single luminaire head. Take car park lighting, for example: a company’s corporate colours can be enhanced by accentuated splashes of colour, while at the same time fulfilling the practical specification of neutral white car park illumination.

In terms of design, the luminaire head narrows continuously towards the apex of the luminaire at the rear, by the pole. "Form and function always contrast each other. They are an unlikely couple, and they influence each other," says Jörg Boner.

"We are enormously pleased that we have succeeded in creating a luminaire design with the IR that is distinguished by character, charm and formal restraint at the same time. A luminaire that is present in public spaces, but never shows off with aesthetic extravagance," says Hannes Wohlgemuth, CEO of ewo.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

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