Colorful atmosphere in the old town of Bressanone - Kleiner Graben in Bressanone

The Kleiner Graben in Brixen’s city center was redeveloped a few years ago with the wellbeing of residents and visitors in mind. "Shared Space" is the principle of the new urban plan, with quieter traffic, cobbled areas and a pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians and cyclists. ewo luminaires accentuate the carefully considered infrastructure with smart lighting and RGBW illumination.

ewo already had a presence in Brixen with its LED technology, which is continuously being expanded. In 2018, 31 units of the FO460 with 3000 K and CRI ≥ 70 and 5 m poles were supplied for the zone on the Kleiner Graben. On the request of Municipality of Bressanone/Brixen, 20 of these ewo luminaires were modified by connexx in 2022, adding RGBW LED modules to create suitable lighting effects - such as color transitions or night dimming - for the streets and for special events in particular. An external Zhaga node was also fitted to enable intelligent lighting control. In 2022, ewo also supplied indirect light and conventional metal halogen luminaires for the first time.

In 2023, ewo’s installations at the Kleiner Graben were also part of the internationally renowned Water Light Festival: With the help of connexx technology, various color scenes were created, with three different shades of dynamic blue adapting the Kleiner Graben’s lighting to the theme of the event. The Water Light Festival was followed by several other events where connexx’s smart lighting technology contributed to an all-around atmosphere and mood: The Summer Emotion event played with yellow, pink, red; Dine, Wine & Music alternated two shades of pink and two shades of green; and the Bike Festival shone in three different shades of orange.

"The project was really very interesting: The intelligent RGBW control enabled us to create constantly changing dynamic scenes. By working closely with the customer, we were able to create the right atmosphere for every event. Smart lighting productions attract everyone’s attention, making light a more active part of the local surroundings."
Monica Visciglia, connexx

Client: Municipality of Bressanone/Brixen
Products: FO460, RGBW LED modules
Video: 99tales

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