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kärnten.museum: multifunctional lighting

The kärnten.museum (State Museum of Carinthia) project is the first building phase of the larger "Glacis Klagenfurt" master plan, which includes other important buildings such as the Provincial Government, the Chamber of Agriculture and the Concert Hall. The existing buffer zones and landscaped greenery around its historic buildings give way to a unifying urban square that serves as a place in which art, culture and social interaction converge for Klagenfurt’s residents.

Recently, the kärnten.museum was awarded the Österreichisches Gütesiegel (the Austrian Museum Quality Seal), awarded by ICOM and the Austrian Museum Association, and the "Bauherr:innenpreis 2023", awarded by the Central Association of Austrian Architects.

For the area of the State Museum, the client wanted to develop lighting in harmony with its landscape and architectural surroundings, capable of melding functional and effect lighting into a single luminaire, which should not be placed either on the facades or inserted on the floor. The illumination had to be directed toward the facades of the historic building, capable of lighting the trees.

The solution was achievable due to ewo luminaires’ high level of modularity. The 24 pole-mounted FA770s arranged around the building contained two types of asymmetric light distributions, in accordance with the requirements of each luminaire placement - Asymmetric Side and Forward Throw and Asymmetric Extra Side Throw. One lens was optimized for path and cycleway lighting, the other for street lighting. In addition to the functional light, an EL light column with Asymmetric Extra Forward satiné lenses was inserted along the product pole for building facades. Finally, the lighting units were prepared for the future application of Chameleon spotlights, intended for tree lighting.

Equipped with Zhaga base for the OLC system, the fixtures are also integrated into the existing lighting control system of the city of Klagenfurt. The chosen finish, in Akzo Nobel’s Marte color, rendered the FA770s a discreet feature of street furnishings, complementing the color of the building and green spaces.

ewo succeeded because of its flexibility and quick response time. An important strength was the efficient management of the project in all its phases, following the complex specifications of the tender. Due to its performance, ewo will also be part of the next construction phase of the Glacis Klagenfurt urban space transformation project.

Product: FA770, Chameleon, EL
Designer: Egger Licht
Project partners: WLA Landschaftsplanung
Completion: 2022
Photography: Cäcilia Fenzl-Reichel

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