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More safety and comfort thanks to modular illumination

When public spaces that can be popularly enjoyed during daytime become not usable during the night, illumination can make a decisive difference. This is the case of Klenzepark in the German city of Ingolstadt. The 20-hectare national horticultural show in Klenzepark is since 1992 an attraction of the city, with over 1 million visitors every year. Clearly the number of criminal offences has quickly risen in 2021, to which the city promptly reacted with the decision for a new illumination concept intended to increase the safety in the park.

HL Lichttechnik has developed together with ewo its own illumination system. “With much attention to detail, a unique all-in-one product was created, which has fulfilled all technical, optical and illumination technique requirements“, according to the responsible illumination planner Hans Lichtl.

Concerning the connection of safety with the sense of well-being, a decision was made for a combination of different light colours, as well as optical systems with 36 minimalistic elegant EL bollard lights with two main light sources. In order to avoid a possible light pollution, the glare-free flat optics ewoLightTile with 2.300 K was installed on the front side, for an homogeneous illumination of the – previously poorly illuminated – defence wall. On the rear side of the product, instead, the ewoLightTile with 2.700 K was selected, providing on one side an exact walking path illumination and equally fulfilling the requirement of facial recognition, which gives to the passers by an increased safety feeling.

As requested by the police, a third illumination unit was installed in the front area with narrow beam lenses of the A Series (AH02) so that, if any dangerous situation arises, it activates a type of ”Shock illumination“ with 3.000 K that can be switched on by the police. The superficial finish quality is also particularly resistant, because the lights were equipped with a newly developed anti-poster and anti-graffiti coating.

“The light stations match the urban and optical concept of the surroundings. The system unites a safety, promenade and aesthetic illumination taking into consideration the environment protection and sustainability and the lowest possible light pollution“, declared the city of Ingolstadt. Mayor Christian Scharpf: “it makes me very happy that it was possible to place the tense situation in Klenzepark better under control. With the installation of the new illumination, the safety feeling was improved especially during the winter months, both in the morning and evening hours, on the so far dark defence wall.“

Illumination planning: HL Lichttechnik
Product: EL1250 with ewoLightTile and AH02
Period: 2021-2022
Photos: Hans Johann Lichtl

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