ewo is in motion. We are connecting. With different people, new markets, other cultures. We willingly accept, endorse and support external influences since we believe that the answers to the requirements and challenges of our time can be found through such connections and dialogues. ewoLAB initiates projects with artists, designers and architects and in doing so deals with the subject of light on various levels.

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September 2009 GOCCIA A GOCCIA

In the "Goccia a Goccia" project, Julian Koschwitz is primarily working with a visual reference to the topic of water. In the installation, that was erected in front of an erstwhile Alumix building, he had 12 LED projectors shining over an empty basin that was not filled with water but just gave the impression of water by means of the light colour and the dynamic programming of the projectors. The light beams were set off by movement and interaction with visitors at the edge of the display. The installation was supposed to stimulate visitors into interaction on the one hand, while thematising the use of water as a matter of course.




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