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Helsinki Airport

ewo’s global presence had reached another major aviation venue, this time at Helsinki Airport. As opposed to our usual floodlighting, ewo contributed to the exterior, with many special features.

The order includes 45 bespoke pieces which although the same as our usual FA770 and FA1070 luminaires, were produced specially for the mounting of security cameras and speakers.

Additionally, the FA770 illuminations combine families of ewo optics for up/down light emission, featuring the high precision of the ewo A–Series, alongside ewoLightTile’s light-guiding panels, which deliver precise, smooth, glare-reduced and uniform illumination devoid of visible LED units.

Product: FA
End client: Finavia
Lighting design: Ramboll Finland
Architecture: ALA Architects
Electrical Contractor: Quattro Services Finland
Principle Contractor: SRV finland
ewo Partner: Sun Effects 
Photography: Tuomas Uusheimo Photography

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