Bordeaux: custom luminaires for the world of sport 1
Bordeaux: custom luminaires for the world of sport 2
Bordeaux: custom luminaires for the world of sport 3
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Bordeaux: custom luminaires for the world of sport

Jardin Sportif Suzanne-Lenglen is a project of the public body EPA Bordeaux-Euratlantique, for the city’s district of Zac Garonne, and is an essential part of the Bordeaux’s network of public spaces. The project stems from the ambition to preserve large-scale sports activities in the heart of the city, as close as possible to users, by incorporating sports fields into a rich botanical environment and harmonizing a multitude of terrain and habitats.

To accentuate the special character of the area, lighting designer Rachid Adda Brahim, of Agence On, wanted to create custom high-performance fixtures for the sports fields, taking full advantage of the modularity offered by the R–System. ewo, in collaboration with pole manufacturer TMC, produced three types of fixtures designed to light the various sports facilities:

- The soccer field, equipped with six poles, each 19 meters high and with six R1 floodlights.
- The two tennis courts are equipped with two poles, eleven meters high, each with four R1 floodlights.
- The field hockey court, equipped with four poles eleven meters high, each with three R1 floodlights.

Different mixes of optics were used to ensure lighting in accordance with the technical regulations of each discipline: Asymmetric Extra Forward – Right AP1604, Asymmetric Extra Forward – Left AP1604, Asymmetric Extra Forward – Left/Right AP1604, Asymmetric Extra Side Throw AS06, Asymmetric Side Throw AP07. By using asymmetric optics, ewo can offer sports solutions with reduced light pollution.

This project is a perfect example of our expertise in custom product development: ewoIndividual. Moreover, it is another addition to our mission to create outdoor spaces where people feel comfortable: empowering wellbeing ourdoors.

Lighting designer: Rachid Adda Brahim, Agence On
Product: ewoIndividual R–System R1
Completed: 2021
Photography: Xavier Boymond

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