Sustainability Statement 1

Sustainability Statement

Sustainability is not a buzzword for ewo, but the driving force behind our actions. We have been committed to protecting the environment since our very beginning.

In the second generation of the company, led by Hannes Wohlgemuth, this mission is once again underlined with the guiding principle "empowering wellbeing outdoors". A company that puts people and their well-being outdoors at the center of its philosophy does everything it can to ensure that this well-being is as long-lasting, sustainable and future-oriented as possible. We are committed to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment and supporting a sustainable product life. To achieve this, we follow different approaches and are always evaluating new ones worth following.

Our product portfolio offers luminaires that relate "empowering wellbeing outdoors" not only to people, but also to nature: protecting the night sky and wildlife, material-saving production processes, energy-saving light programming, and modular design that relies on replacing individual parts rather than entire luminaires. 80 % digital marketing materials, e-charging stations for employees’ electric vehicles, sustainable packaging, green power, a thoughtful supply chain – these are just a few of the measures we enforce to be more environmentally friendly. ewo doesn’t just tell – ewo acts.

Would you like to learn more about ewo’s path to net zero? Then you can download our brand new Sustainability Statement here!

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