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Urban Lounge — your living room

Who doesn’t know these urban places that have lost their charm? ewo celebrates the transformative power of lighting objects with artist duo beierle.goerlich to illustrate the role light plays in turning harsh reality into communal poetry.

Backyard dreariness by the pallets: Like silhouettes of burnt-out skyscrapers, the wooden towers are reflected in the industrial grey wetness of the puddle. Symbols of consumerism, which are returned to nature through isolated accents of green. ewo light objects, which are (still) switched off, suggest a street scene that, in conjunction with the interior of a house, already hints at how art and culture merge the inside with outside. With a common language of expression and emotion.

Light takes on the role of language allowing the atmosphere of internalised poetic worlds to shine even in the otherwise cold wetness of the courtyard. With this heart-warming poetry, the post-apocalyptic cityscape becomes a living room with an urban ambiance. In the beginning was light. Light has become language. And this language has become the world. The illumination of the lifeless pallet city becomes an act of creation.

Photography: beierle.goerlich

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