Season’s Greetings —
Season’s Greetings —
Season’s Greetings —
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Season’s Greetings — "Light guides ways"

The title “Light guides your way” for this year’s season’s greeting, refers to light as a guide, as a revelatory, as a companion. Only when we have light around us, do we become aware of our surroundings. In fact, most of the time, light is around us, but rarely do we actively perceive it.

“Most new discoveries are suddenly-seen things that were always there.” – as Susanne K. Langer discovered in the 20th century, is still unreservedly true. It often takes time for us not only to see but also to perceive our environment, no matter how close; to grasp movements, moods and objects all around. Yet most of what we suddenly discover has always been there.

Just as light guides us through the day, the folding poster by Laura Prim and Aurelia Peter takes us on a journey of discovery between revealing and concealing. At first, nothing is clear – instead, we have to get involved with the design, to interact with it, to unfold the card and let it transform into a poster, to follow the light, to hold the poster against the light. Only then, will the complexity become accessible. Only then, we can follow the light and actually see it. Technically, four different printing processes were used here to reveal areas of differing transparency and density. The poster looks different in every lighting condition – the illuminated and darkened elements alternate to guide the eye through the graphic.

Just as light guides us through life.

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