Smart lighting for Pistoia's park

Movement translates into light, light accompanies movement. Dynamic smart lighting becomes part of a strategy to make people feel comfortable outside at night.

The lighting project for "Piazza della Resistenza" park in the beautiful medieval city of Pistoia best exemplifies this "human centric" strategy.

Watch the YouTube, ewo supplied 73 model FA770 and FA170 luminaires distributed along various paths, leading to the centre of the square equipped with connex-x smart technology software.

Eleven units located at the entrances and at designated points in the park were equipped with motion sensors to give lighting instructions via wifi, to the lights along the walkways.

"The aim is to enhance the attractiveness of the park itself, enhancing its enjoyability, its social function as a space for gathering and recreation, and its environmental qualities, which have a positive impact on quality of life, wellbeing and the health of citizens".
- Thomas Tolari, Project engineer

Luminaire supplier – ewo
Smart lighting – connex-x
Architects – Nicola Stefanelli, Marta Biagini
Engineering – Thomas Tolari
Surveyor – Silvia Chiti
Video - Topografica srl Editing - Jacopo Coen

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