The ewoPhotometricEngine and the World of Flexibility: A New Era in Light

Visitors to the light + building tradeshow in Frankfurt in March 2018 had never before seen such a stand. In cooperation with Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram, ewo had developed the ewoPhotometricEngine with which flexible, continuously variable possibilities for the use of the modular concept can be explored interactively. Light distributions can be simulated live with this machine with the greatest of ease and with an easily comprehensible interface.

With its modularity that has been perfected even further, the new A Series, the third generation of lenses from ewo, forms the basis for the ewoPhotometricEngine and was likewise presented to the public at light + building. So it was a premiere on several different levels: for the first time, all of the light distributions that can be reproduced in the ewoPhotometricEngine can be implemented in ewo’s products. “For us, that is not just something new, it is a pioneering paradigm shift”, says Hannes Wohlgemuth, ewo’s Head of Marketing and Sales, with conviction. Because with this, the connection between light distribution and product has been taken to a new level for the very first time. Any desired light distribution can be combined with any desired luminaire, whether it is a street lamp, bollard, or mast, whether it is a wall unit or a banister unit. Thus completely new worlds are opened up for the lighting designer. While others are still stuck in their old patterns, ewo consistently takes the next step. Because flexibility is in the company’s DNA, and it has been since the very beginning. So it is no wonder that ewo is particularly proud to have made this flexibility tangible and visible with the ewoPhotometricEngine.

Video: Domenico Palma

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