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Swiss Embassy, Algeria

Internationally up-and-coming Swiss architecture firm Lütjens Padmanabhan was commissioned to develop the new Swiss consulate building in Algeria and opted for an understated architecture inspired by Bauhaus. Planning work on the project began in 2017 and was completed in 2024.

The structure of the new consulate is reminiscent of a kaleidoscopic garden pavilion, comprising one full floor, in addition to a basement and an open roof terrace, complete with palm tree garden and sea view. The building was constructed using solid construction methods and consists largely of locally sourced raw materials, from the concrete exterior to the marble flooring.

ewo was commissioned to equip the entire embassy with bespoke lighting for the interior and exterior. We undertook this ewoIndividual project together with product designer Jörg Boner: the subtle, geometric Bauhaus-influenced architecture served as inspiration for the luminaire design. To give the building esthetic some breathing space, one singular luminaire design was used across the entire site—only the installation method varied:

A total of 162 white pole-mounted cubes with white high-gloss discs illuminate the streets and paths of the outdoor area It is also present in the interiors as ceiling, wall, suspension luminaires and free-standing illuminations. The IK ratings of the luminaire glass are adapted to their respective locations. This is a successful project that not only complements the overall appearance of the building, but also perfectly reflects the Swiss principle of "variety in unity".

"As always, the collaboration with ewo was very positive—the design we developed was implemented efficiently and to the satisfaction of the customer," says product designer Jörg Boner.

Client: Swiss Embassy in Algiers
Architects: Lütjens Padmanabhan
Product designer: Jörg Boner
Product: ewoIndividual
Photos: Milo Keller
Completion: 2024

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