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ewo Extreme Corrosion Protection

ewo Extreme Corrosion Protection (ewoECP) is a protective treatment developed in-house suitable for projects in extreme weather conditions or difficult conditions such as in coastal regions.

The ewoECP is a four-steps treatment:

– Corrosion resistant alloy: ewo works with quality materials as standard and for die-cast solutions, we are introducing alloys offering even lower copper content, reducing vulnerabilities for base layer susceptibility to corrosion resistance.

– A pre-treatment base on the product, for the correct adhesion

– An ewoProtectiveLayer – proprietary layer for high-level corrosion resistance

– Powder coating – as with many other standard products

Moreover, a combination of in-house and ISO17025 certified labs ensure that every piece that leaves our factory provides exactly the lasting performance we expect.

The new brochure will guide you through the technical specifics of this treatment. It also contains information about our standard corrosion protection, so you can always choose the best solution for your project.

Download your copy here.

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