People Mover System — Education City, Qatar

Education City, the university center in Doha, Qatar, has a network of 17 open-air electric tram stops with a minimalist design by Grimshaw Architects – the so called “People mover system” – which operates without overhead contact lines, and allows for easy transit around the Education City campus, working in conjunction with other forms of access including walking, driving, and cycling. The tram stops are located along 11.5 km of track served by 17 trams each with a capacity of 233 people.

To light this infrastructure, ewo supplied over 300 fully customized trapeze-shaped luminaires. Each luminaire is milled from a single block of aluminum and is fitted with LED modules in the upper part for symmetrical uplighting, illuminating a carefully articulated steel and glass canopy, and a PMMA cover for protection from infiltration. In the lower part, a layout of asymmetrical lenses – with and without a satin finish – provide indirect downlighting on the waiting areas below. The light fixtures are attached horizontally to the ends of the roof supporting structure by flanges.

The new form of transport created with the “People move system” posed some particular challenges in terms of electromagnetic compliance. To ensure the correct functioning of the luminaires, several laboratory tests were required to ensure their compliance with multiple standards (EN50121-4, EN/IEC61000 6-2 and EN/IEC61000 6-4). Arup was commissioned by Grimshaw Architects to develop the lighting design. The lighting technology had to be developed to fit into the homes designed by the architects.

Every day, ewo luminaires welcome thousands of students and other passengers into the stations, contributing to their safety within this highly innovative and architecturally unique infrastructure.

Product: ewoIndividual
Lighting designer: Arup
Architect: Grimshaw Architects
Completion: 2014-2016
Photography: Phillip Handforth

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