Mastering the Shape of Light 1

Mastering the Shape of Light

Light guided as you want. Any colour. Any distribution. Always at the very highest level of quality.

What is the shape of light? ewo knows the answer. Every product is envisioned and crafted to refine and optimise its lighting effect. And to achieve that, ewo’s two Light Engines, A–Series and LightTile, allow complete creative freedom:

The ewo A–Series, our very own modular Light Engine, enables every imaginable lens combination and light distribution – giving lighting designers all the flexibility and tools they need to create the most effective and state-of-the-art lighting solution possible.

With ewoLightTile (T–Series), ewo has premièred an absolute novelty on the world stage of optical systems: Glare- reduced light-guiding panels that unite two seemingly opposing qualities: Guaranteeing precise, homogeneous illumination and at the same time visual comfort at the very highest level, ewoLightTile becomes the perfect tool to fine-tune projects in which people are close to the light source – whenever light increases human well-being by creating that cosy feel-good effect

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