Smart Lighting Brochure—The Intelligence of Light 1

Smart Lighting Brochure—The Intelligence of Light

Light can do so much more than simply light up a room or area. It can create atmosphere, it can heighten emotions, it can set the right color scene for your event: Light can be equipped with intelligence that processes actions and responses in a matter of seconds.

ewo has been responsible for the software and hardware that connects the luminaires to the Internet of Things since 2017: with the brand connexx, we combine all aspects of smart light management in-house and therefore, are able to offer customers the ability to transform outdoor lighting anytime, while enhancing safety and fostering a sense of community to create wellbeing at night. 

“Our innovative smart lighting solutions revolutionize the way you light your surroundings: Our intuitive interface, accessible via smartphone from anywhere, provides control of your lights, including fluid color transitions and auto-adaptive pole by pole configurations. We are certain: Smart Lighting is the future.” – Michele Santuari, Head of 

Read all about the intelligence of light, smart architecture, accessories, sensors, software ecosystems and more: 
Download our new smart lighting brochure here!

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