When four church towers shine in Chameleon's light

Rab, a Croatian island with its eponymous historic town center, is known for its many churches and a total of four church towers. These include the towers of St Mary’s (the highest in Rab), St. John’s Church, St. Justina’s Church and St. Andrew’s Church—the latter is the oldest of the four towers and dates back to the 11th century. As landmarks of the town, all four towers truly define Rab’s skyline. For this reason, the town administration wanted to illuminate the towers in such a way as to create a new esthetic. ewo partnered with designers from Light On to produce high-quality lighting for this project.

The Chameleon projector was chosen as the ideal luminaire for the four church towers. It is compact, lightweight and stealthy, and glare can be excellently controlled thanks to snoot. In total, the church towers in Rab were fitted with 12 Chameleon spotlights:

  • 9 C260 Monochrome A–Series with Full snoot, external driver, color temperature 2,200 K - CRI ≥ 80
  • 3 C260 Monochrome A–Series with half snoot, external driver, color temperature 2,200 K - CRI ≥ 80

The challenges of this project included reduction of glare in line with client specifications, while dealing with to hard-to-reach installation points on the towers. The number of luminaires needed to be kept as low as possible, with fast solution and subsequent delivery amongst the requirements.

Client: City of Rab
Partner: Light On
Product: Chameleon C260
Completion date: 2023

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