Notice pursuant to the GDPR 2016/679

Dear Client,

the General Data Protection Regulation (better known as GDPR 2016/679) has introduced numerous innovations on the matter of personal data processing, with regard to both individuals and businesses. At ewo S.r.l. we take the privacy of our customers very seriously and have accordingly adapted our procedures to the applicable regulations. Therefore, ewo S.r.l. is pleased to provide the following information:

Collection of the personal data of our B2B1 collaborators

As in this specific case, ewo S.r.l. may provide B2B1 services. Providing services to a business customer may require the collection by ewo S.r.l. of the personal data of the customer’s employees. Such data may be collected to facilitate communications between ewo S.r.l. and the customer for the purposes of:
- administrative accounting
- urgent communications on the progress of the service
- customer satisfaction surveys
- any other purposes specifically provided in the contract

In particular, we may collect common personal data, such as names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, but will never collect data belonging to the special categories or relating to criminal convictions and offences for the above-mentioned purposes (Art. 9 and 10, GDPR).

The data collected by ewo S.r.l. may be recorded in (hard copy or digital) lists or by means of company management systems and will be used exclusively for the purposes indicated above by authorised processing personnel. Such data will be stored for the entire term of the contract between ewo S.r.l. and the customer, unless the latter, or the relevant data subject, requests the rectification, amendment or erasure of the data.

Therefore, irrespective of whether the service is provided in the capacity of ewo S.r.l. or as data processor, the contact details of ewo S.r.l. are given below, to be used for any personal data processing request to which ewo S.r.l. undertakes to reply within thirty days, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Ewo S.r.l., headquartered and based at 39040 Cortaccia (BZ), Via dell’Adige, 15.
Tel: 0471 623087
Fax: 0471 623769

Transfer of data to a third country or an international organisation

Solely with regard to the services provided by ewo S.r.l. to its customer, for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of information between the customer and ewo S.r.l., the latter will make use of document sending and sharing platforms such as Google Drive, DropBox or WeTransfer. Please note that Google Drive and Dropbox have their own datacentres in the USA and the respective companies (Google LLC and DropBox Inc.) guarantee the security and protection of the data they collect, being duly registered with the so-called “Privacy Shield” (see the adequacy decision of the European Commission 2016/1250). A copy of your data is available at the registered office of the data controller, which you may contact using the contact details given above. 1 Business to Business  

Promotional and marketing activities

The customer’s institutional e-mail channels, used to provide the service and for sending greetings and newsletters (which may be unsubscribed), can also be used, subject to your consent, to send advertising materials or commercial communications concerning new activities proposed by ewo S.r.l. Consent to the processing of the data collected for promotional purposes is optional and your refusal will have no effect on the provision of the agreed services.

Likewise, and subject to ad hoc and separate consent, ewo S.r.l. may transfer institutional e-mail and telephone contacts to third parties for direct marketing purposes. In this case, the third-party company, which is not a party to the agreement between the controller and the customer, may send commercial offers and advertising and promotional messages regarding its products and services.

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